Giulio and Domenico Campagnola, detail from Concert by a brook (ca. 1516–1517).

Poetic Printmaking: Arcadia and the Engravings of Giulio Campagnola

Art in Print covers from Volume 1 and 2.

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Claude Lorrain, detail from Le Pont de Bois (Rebecca et Eliézer) (The Wooden Bridge [Rebecca and Eliézer]) (ca. 1638–1641).

Claude Lorrain and the Notion of Printed Arcadian Landscapes

Victoria Burge, Island (2013).

Prix de Print No. 9: Island by Victoria Burge

“Our joy be Arcadian, and free!” Arcadia in German Prints Around 1800

The idealized land of Arcadia held a special place in the imaginations of the German Romantics, providing a counterpoint to the authoritarian structures that still prevailed in German states under the Holy Roman Empire at the dawn of the 19th century.

This article appears in the January-February issue of Art in Print (Vol.4, No.5).

Arcadia Unbound: Early Dutch Landscape Prints and the Amenissimae aliquot regiunculae of 1616 by Jan van de Velde II

A seated shepherd in the foreground tending his flock, hilly terrain, a vigorous emphasis on the majesty of the landscape and its constituent trees and sky: 17th-century Dutch artists such as Jan van de Velde II invested the flat fields of Holland with Arcadian bliss.

This article appears in the January-February issue of Art in Print (Vol.4, No.5).

Gillian Pederson-Krag

The prints and paintings of Gillian Pederson-Krag convey Arcadian stasis and melancholy. A new monograph surveys four decades of this contemporary realist’s oeuvre.

Master of the Floating World

A mammoth exhibition at the Grand Palais surveys the extraordinary career of the Japanese woodblock master Hokusai. Restless, eccentric and obsessive, Hokusai created a staggering, multifaceted oeuvre of some 30,000 works during the course of his lifetime, depicting a wide range of motifs in a variety of mediums, styles and moods.