Frank Stella, detail from Juam (1997).

Constant Motion: The Print Career of Frank Stella

Jennifer Nuss, detail of still from Goat Island (2016).

Moving Parts: Animated Prints at IPCNY

Paul Coldwell, detail from Shoes from Passing Thoughts (2014).

Paul Coldwell’s Print and Matter

  • Why Study Prints Now, Redux

    In 1987, during the fall semester of my first year in a settled teaching job, I went to Lawrence, Kansas, for a conference in honor of the “Little Masters” exhibition curated by Stephen Goddard, and there I was introduced to Peter Parshall …Read more

  • Rubber Made with Camille Henrot

    Camille Henrot is probably best known for her video Grosse Fatigue (Dead Tired, 2013), a mindboggling, 13-minute history of the universe for which she was awarded the prize for best promising young artist at the Venice Biennial …Read more

  • Bruce Conner’s Lives of Christ

    Bruce Conner, CHRIST CASTING OUT THE LEGION OF DEVILS (2003), cotton, fire-retardant
    polyester, and wool Jacquard tapestry, 104 1/2 x 115 inches. ©2016 Conner Family Trust, San Francisco / Artists Rights Society (ARS). Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

    In 2002, five years before his death, Bruce Conner began working with Magnolia Editions on several projects, one of which was a series of large tapestries recreating the compositions of collages he had made in the late 1980s and early ‘90s …Read more

  • It’s All about Matter: Thoughts on Art History from the Perspective of the Maker

    Toward the end of his 2015 lecture to the Association of Print Scholars, Peter Parshall discussed the ordering of art objects according to the “material factor [that] has long been a standard basis for curatorial alignments.” …Read more