Grayson Perry, detail from Map of Days (2013).

Grayson Perry Maps Essex for Us All

Kate McQuillen, detail from Night House (2015).

A Home in the Universe: Kate McQuillen on Night House

Vija Celmins, detail from Ocean Surface (2000).

Voices in Print: Grenfell Press

  • Lost and Found: Norma Bassett Hall

    The historical obscurity of the 20th-century landscape artist Norma Bassett Hall (1888–1957) is the result of many factors: she did not find her métier until she was in her thirties; that métier was the quiet medium of color woodblock …Read more

  • Art in Art in Print No. 4: Nancy Friese: Still Grove (2016)

    Nancy Friese, Still Grove (2016), soft ground etching with aquatint, drypoint and roulette, image 24 x 48 inches, sheet 30 x 54 inches. Edition of 20. Printed and published by the artist, Providence, RI. Courtesy of the artist and Cade Tompkins Projects. Assistance by Peter Pettengill, Wingate Studio, Hinsdale, NH.

    Art in Art in Print is an irregular, ongoing series of projects in which artists create art within the journal—not a piece of art that exists somewhere else and is reproduced in the journal, but a project designed specifically for the material, technological and social context of Art in Print.

    We are pleased to present Nancy Friese’s Still Grove as the fourth of these projects. …Read more

  • Prix de Print No. 17: Metamorphosis music notation by Annesas Appel

    Annesas Appel, Metamorphosis music
    (2015), detail of hand-perforated color piezoprint, each stroke 225 x 7 cm. Photo: G.J. Van Rooij. Image courtesy Johan Deumens Gallery, Amsterdam.

    In this iteration of the Prix de Print I was presented with a very strong group of works to consider. As I am an active participant in the world of print, it was inevitable that I would recognize many of the submissions and thus find myself struggling to remain impartial …Read more

  • The View from District Six

    Lionel Davis, Mosque District Six (ca. 1980s), linocut, 65 x 46.5cm. Image courtesy the Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt.

    South Africa’s strong history of printmaking has involved many centers of print production. Under Apartheid, organizations such as the Evangelical Lutheran Center’s Rorke’s Drift (1962–1982) in present day KwaZulu-Natal and the Community Arts Project (1975–2008) in Cape Town provided vital opportunities for artists of color who were often denied access to educational and professional situations …Read more