Donald Baechler, detail from Tantric Feet (2015).

Donald Baechler

Jacob Hashimoto, detail from Lemma I (2015).

Jacob Hashimoto

Carsten Höller, detail from Four Birds (2015).

Carsten Höller

Sebastian Black, detail from Period Piece Simple Sequence (2014).

Sebastian Black

  • Rodney Carswell

    In Rodney Carswell’s recent projects with Shark’s Ink, things are not always what they seem. Geometric abstraction, long considered to be the epitome of art-with-a-capital-A, is tinged with playful wit—what the printer calls “good humored abstraction.”1  …Read more

    1. Rodney Carswell,” Shark’s Ink, accessed 30 Dec 2015, []

  • Mai-Thu Perret

    For 16 years, Mai-Thu Perret’s ongoing Gesamtkunstwerk, The Chrystal Frontier, has chronicled the lives and doings of the residents of New Ponderosa Year Zero, a utopian, egalitarian, feminist enclave in New Mexico …Read more

  • Jacqueline Humphries

    At her exhibition at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York last spring, Jacqueline Humphries showed ten splendid large-scale paintings that appear at first glance to be purely abstract. Up close, they reveal vast fields of tiny emoticons …Read more

  • Daniel Heyman

    For more than a decade Daniel Heyman has worked on the border between artistic practice and oral history. His prints combine portraiture and text to mine some of the most contentious social and political issues of our day …Read more