Matthew Brandt, detail from Woodblock BL, BR, GN, OR, YL, GY, BK 3 (2014).

“Digital” Printing

José Antonio Suárez Londoño, detail of test plate from The Herkimer Suite (2014).

José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Ellen Heck, detail from Anna as Frida from Forty Fridas (2011-2012).

Ellen Heck

Ida Applebroog, from Ephemera (2014).

New Editions from Diane Villani and Hauser & Wirth

  • Judy Ledgerwood

    Judy Ledgerwood’s new prints derive from the painter’s installation at Chicago’s Graham Foundation. Three of the Prairie Style mansion’s reception rooms were emptied of contents and their walls painted in a silver geometric floral pattern over grounds of dayglo pink, red and orange. The pattern’s tight repeat was loosely painted …Read more

  • Enrique Chagoya

    Enrique Chagoya, La Bestia’s Guide to the Birth of the Cool (2014).

    In his 12th editioned codex with Shark’s Ink, Enrique Chagoya returns to immigration, a topic he hasn’t visited in depth for nearly two decades. Prompted by the recent controversy over the illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors from Central America …Read more

  • Xylor Jane

    Prints, quite simply, are affairs in numbers. Through the use of reproductive techniques, images can be released from the limitations of a solitary existence, multiplied into a series of iterations and divided as these iterations are sorted into sequenced editions. Perhaps a reprinting leads to the existence of additional copies entering circulation …Read more

  • Arturo Herrera

    Arturo Herrera, from Dance (2014).

    Arturo Herrera, from Dance (2014).

    The new photogravures from veteran collagist Arturo Herrera extend his work in visually gripping and emotionally affecting ways. Though his early reputation was established by his intricate reworkings of pop cultural motifs, it was quickly apparent that—for all the Disney borrowings—Herrera’s sensibility was eloquent rather than brash, and inquisitive rather than sardonic. …Read more