Installation view (detail): “Andrew Raftery: Autobiography of a Garden,” Ryan Lee Gallery, New York, 2016. Courtesy of RYAN LEE, New York.

From Tabletop to Eternity: Andrew Raftery’s Plates

John McDevitt King, detail of Almost There (2016).

John McDevitt King

Tess Jaray, detail of Nine Thorns (2016).

Tess Jaray

Jordan Nassar, detail of Al Uzza (2016).

Jordan Nassar

  • Thomas Schütte

    Thomas Schütte, from Gartenzwerge (2016). From left to right: Gartenzwerg (Blau) (2016), Gartenzwerg (Rot) (2016), Gartenzwerg (Violet) (2016). Images courtesy of Carolina Nitsch.

    Thomas Schütte’s print series are once removed from the sculptures, models and installation pieces for which he is best known; they are more closely worked and sometimes produced many years later …Read more

  • Hanneline Røgeberg

    In her art, the Norwegian-born painter Hanneline Røgeberg seeks to “visualize feeling”1 through a voluptuous vocabulary of bodies, skin and intense physical engagement …Read more

    1. Hanneline Røgeberg, “The Artist Lecture Series at Evergreen State College, January 23, 2013.” []

  • Alan Cristea in Conversation with Paul Coldwell: Papering the World in Original Art

    Video still of the interview with Alan Cristea (right) by Paul Coldwell (left).

    Paul Coldwell I wonder if we could start by setting the scene of you arriving in Cork Street as a young man?

    Alan Cristea I remember exactly—it was November 1972. But for three years previous to that I had worked at Marlborough Fine Art …Read more

  • Claas Gutsche

    Claas Gutsche, born in East Germany seven years before the Berlin Wall fell, makes two kinds of work—bronze sculptures and meticulous linocuts—of two kinds of subjects: the bits of nature that city dwellers encounter …Read more