Emil Lukas, Detail from the Bubble-up series (2013).

Emil Lukas: Bubble-Up series

Ester Hernandez, detail of Sun Mad (1982).

Ester Hernandez: Sun Mad

Cornelis Cort after Frans Floris, detail of Hercules and the Pygmies (1562).

The Renaissance Reconceived

William Gropper, detail of Politico from the portfolio The Capriccios (1953–56).

Blacklisted: William Gropper’s Capriccios

Ann Hamilton: near-away

In near-away, Hamilton uses a variety of techniques to construct tangible representations of two conceptual and experiential frameworks that shape us: physical sensation and acquired knowledge. Read more.

A Manual for Printing Copper Plates Predating Abraham Bosse’s Treatise of 1645

Anja Grebe and Ad Stijnman translate and examine the earliest known instructions for printing intaglio plates, a text appended to the inventory of a Nuremberg print collector. Read more.

The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking

Karen Kunc reviews the new English language re-release of the legendary Finnish manual, The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking. Read more.

Kitaj in our Time: Prints and Obsessions

R.B. Kitaj’s masterpiece—In Our Time: Covers for a Small Library After Life for the Most Part—is a 50-part screenprint portrait of the artist as quintessential (Jewish) man of his times. Catherine Bindman looks at the trouble it brought him. Read more.