José Antonio Suárez Londoño, detail of test plate from The Herkimer Suite (2014).

José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Matthew Brandt, detail from Woodblock BL, BR, GN, OR, YL, GY, BK 3 (2014).

“Digital” Printing

Ida Applebroog, from Ephemera (2014).

New Editions from Diane Villani and Hauser & Wirth

Ellen Heck, detail from Anna as Frida from Forty Fridas (2011-2012).

Ellen Heck

  • Stella Ebner

    Through the seating area of a vacant and darkened Japanese restaurant, two figures can be seen in an illuminated doorway behind a semitransparent curtain, one massaging the shoulders of the other. One of Stella Ebner’s poignant odes to the beauty of everyday life, this poster-sized screenprint, like many of the artist’s prints, uses frames within frames …Read more

  • Enrique Chagoya

    Enrique Chagoya, La Bestia’s Guide to the Birth of the Cool (2014).

    In his 12th editioned codex with Shark’s Ink, Enrique Chagoya returns to immigration, a topic he hasn’t visited in depth for nearly two decades. Prompted by the recent controversy over the illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors from Central America …Read more

  • Ed Ruscha

    In Ed Ruscha’s words, his new prints “are about neglected and forgotten signs from neglected and forgotten landscapes,” and, indeed, Rusty Signs is a natural extension of the artist’s investigation of the significance of the “American frontier” for our times. Signs have been central to Ruscha’s work from the outset …Read more

  • Julie Mehretu

    Julie Mehretu’s intricate assemblages of lines, washes and gestural marks articulate familiar yet often unidentifiable linguistic and architectonic traces, fragments of systems for the viewer to grab onto. In painting and print, she layers architectural plans, maps and other schemata to invoke the histories of cities and civilizations …Read more