Kobayashi Kiyochika, detail from Seishin gentō sugoroku (Pictorial Board and Dice Game: Magic Lantern of the Subjugation of China, 1894).

Games of Conquest: Sugoroku of Imperial and Wartime Japan

William Kentridge, detail from Four Instruments (2003).

William Kentridge: Drawing Has its Own Memory

Marcantonio Raimondi, detail from Il Sogno (The Dream of Raphael, ca. 1509).

Stepping out of Raphael’s Shadow

David Hockney, detail from Jungle Boy and Snake (Jungle Boy) (1964, published 1965).

Art in (Middle) America

  • Stepping Stones: Garo Antreasian and American Lithography

    Garo Antreasian’s contributions to the art and technology of lithography in post–World War II America are well-known, and parts of the story told in his recently published book will be familiar to many readers—the struggle to advance printmaking in mid-century America …Read more

  • The Glory Machine

    For those of us who believe that history is best told through objects and images, this book provides strength to our argument.1 In its pages we discover rarely exhibited or published works that reflect the collective aspirations, beliefs and aesthetic preferences of the French at the end of the 17th century …Read more

    1. A pioneering example in our field is Antony Griffiths’ The Print in Stuart Britain, 1603–1689 (London: The British Museum, 1998), which sets a high standard for how social and political history can be interwoven with art history. []

  • Art in Art in Print No. 6: Eric Avery, Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016

    Eric Avery, Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016 (2016), printed journal page, double-sided, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches. Edition unlimited. Published by Art in Print. Image by Todd Mason.

    Art in Art in Print is an irregular, ongoing series of projects in which artists create art within the journal—not a piece of art that exists somewhere else and is reproduced in the journal, but a project designed specifically for the material, technological and social context of Art in Print.

    We are pleased to present Eric Avery’s Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016 as the sixth of these projects. …Read more

  • Prix de Print No. 21: A Cloud in Trousers by Thorsten Dennerline

    Thorsten Dennerline, A Cloud in Trousers (2016).

    Thorsten Dennerline, A Cloud in Trousers (2016).

    Lewis Carroll’s revolutionary children’s book Alice in Wonderland first appeared in 1865. The author had chosen as his illustrator the political cartoonist John Tenniel, and such was Tenniel’s impact on the story that his interpretations quickly became regarded as indispensable …Read more