Detail from subway poster for Ed Pinaud’s Eau de Quinine (ca. 1920).

Nothing Less Than History Itself: Ivins and Mayor at the Met

Jennifer Nuss, detail of still from Goat Island (2016).

Moving Parts: Animated Prints at IPCNY

Frank Stella, detail from Juam (1997).

Constant Motion: The Print Career of Frank Stella

  • The Afterlife of a Modest Miracle

    Lisa Pon’s new book tells the densely woven story of a very early, anonymously made, hand-colored, large woodcut of the Madonna and Child surrounded by saints and narrative images of the life of the Virgin and Christ, which seems to survive in only one tattered but much revered example …Read more

  • Antony Gormley’s Body of Prints

    In his first project with Alan Cristea Gallery in London, sculptor Antony Gormley created four groups of prints: seven enormous woodblocks; a series of unique body prints; a group of ten aquatints, collectively titled Matrix I–X; and eleven small line etchings …Read more

  • Why Prints Now? An Introduction

    We are very pleased that the dialogue initiated in Peter Parshall’s Inaugural Lecture for the Association of Print Scholars, “Why Study Prints Now?,” continues in this issue of Art in Print …Read more

  • It’s All about Matter: Thoughts on Art History from the Perspective of the Maker

    Toward the end of his 2015 lecture to the Association of Print Scholars, Peter Parshall discussed the ordering of art objects according to the “material factor [that] has long been a standard basis for curatorial alignments.” …Read more