Colin Lyons, Time Machine for Abandoned Futures (2015).

Prix de Print No. 20: Time Machine for Abandoned Futures by Colin Lyons

Christian Marclay, detail from Actions: Splish, Plop, Plash, Plash (No. 4) (2015).

To The Last Syllable of Recorded Time: Christian Marclay

Ania Jaworska, detail from Faking It from A Subjective Catalog of Columns (2015).

Ironic Columns and Cynical Structures: Ania Jaworska at MCA Chicago

Detail of panels of the Vues d’Italie over the mantelpiece in Otis.

‘Phantasmagorias of the Interior’: A French Panoramic Wallpaper in the Home of a New England Lawyer

  • Zuber in Otis

    Vues d’Italie wallpaper installed at James Siena and Katia Santibañez’s house in Otis, MA. Image courtesy of Armin Kunz.

    James Siena

    In 2004 we rented a house in the Berkshires for part of the summer and picked up a book of real estate listings for fantasy’s sake …Read more

  • Prints in the Gateway City

    Joan Hall, Acid Ocean (2012), printed, cut, pulp painted, hand-formed paper, Mylar, acrylic and cast resin pins made with sand and beach detritus,
    fibers: abaca, kozo, gampi, 64 x 245 x 18 inches (variable dimensions). Courtesy of the artist.

    Comprising works by 29 artists and 5 presses, “Printmaking in St. Louis Now” was a testament to the liveliness of contemporary art in St. Louis generally, and specifically to the city’s continued engagement with print …Read more

  • On Paper, on Chairs: Barbara Kasten

    Barbara Kasten, Figure/Chair (1973), three diazotypes on newsprint, 22 x 17 and 17 x 22 inches each. Graham Foundation, Chicago, 2015. Photo: RCH | EKH.

    For those who know Barbara Kasten’s meticulously staged, cinematic photographs, the recent retrospective organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia held surprises …Read more

  • A New Polymorphous Reality: Higgins’ and Vostell’s Fantastic Architecture

    Fantastic Architecture is a playground, a tripped-out thought experiment freed of hypothesis and conclusion. Between its covers, architecture is unconstrained by logistical, material or financial limitations, residing instead in the realm of ideas …Read more