Alexandra Onuf is an Assistant Professor in the Art History Department at the University of Hartford, UK. [March 2014]

The Renaissance Reconceived

The name Hieronymus Cock (1518–1570) might not be familiar to all Renaissance scholars or historians of printmaking, but it ought to be. The splendid new catalogue Hieronymus Cock: The Renaissance in Print, published in conjunction with a major exhibition in Leuven (M Museum Leuven), Belgium, and Paris (Institut Néerlandais), makes it clear why. In 1548, Cock and his wife, Volcxken Diericx, established Aux Quatre Vents (“At the Sign of the Four Winds,” a name that signals the publishers’ global ambitions), which the catalogue presents as the single most important print publishing operation of the 16th century. The remarkably vast and diverse range of prints that issued from their presses in Antwerp was instrumental in disseminating ideas and images throughout Europe and beyond. Read More