Andrew Mockler is a painter and master printer living in Brooklyn. At his printmaking workshop, Jungle Press Editions, he collaborates with artists in lithography, etching, woodcut, and monoprint. He has taught at Yale School of Art, RISD and Columbia University, and currently teaches at Hunter College. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including The Addison Gallery of American Art, The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, George Billis Gallery (New York and Los Angeles) and Metaphor Gallery (Brooklyn). [May 2015]

No. 11: Dennison by Mario Laplante

Mario Laplante, Dennison (2014).

My first impression of Mario Laplante's Dennison was of myriad small parts coalescing into an organized field, as if the gravitational force of the central mass had pulled all of these moments of color into its orbit. I was reminded of early cosmologies, in which every sphere of existence is depicted in as many concentric circles. Read More