April Vollmer is an artist with an MFA from Hunter College who specializes in Japanese woodblock printmaking. She has had solo shows at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Steinhardt Gallery, AIR Gallery, The Phillips Museum of Art. She has taught mokuhanga techniques since 1998, and was a Board Member of the First International Mokuhanga Conference. www.aprilvollmer.com [July 2012]

Mokuhanga International

Fig. 7. Karen Kunc, Bay (2011), woodcut, mokuhanga woodblock, watercolor, wax, 19 x 38 inches. Edition of 4. Printed by the artist, published by the artist.

Fig. 10. Mike Lyon, Sarah Reclining (2006), woodblock print from 17 cherry plywood blocks, dry pigment and neri-zumi, 42 x 77 inches. Edition of 8. Printed and published by the artist.

The richly colored, visually dynamic woodblock technique perfected in Japan during the 18th and 19th centuries is known internationally by the Japanese term mokuhanga. The character for moku literally means wood, while hanga can be broken down into two concepts (each represented by a separate character), the first character being han, meaning print, edition or impression, and the second ga, meaning picture. The expression does not describe the act of printing so much as it refers to the resulting object, the print. Read More