Charles Schultz is a New York-based art critic. He is an Associate Art Editor at The Brooklyn Rail and the City Editor of New York and Miami for ArtSlant. His writing has appeared in Art in America, Modern Painters, ArtSlant and The Brooklyn Rail. Schultz is currently working on a book about the legacy of industry in American Art.

Nicole Eisenman: Woodcuts, Etchings, Lithographs and Monotypes at Leo Koenig

In the recent prints of Nicole Eisenman desolation is a destination and it’s teeming with the faceless, the nameless, the wasted, washed out, worn down, and worried. There are familiar faces too; Van Gogh’s Postman is here. He is one of many untitled portraits in a series of forty-two monotypes that are the meat of the exhibition, though not its highlight. The paradox of Eisenman’s very full show—there are around sixty pieces—is that it’s ultimately uplifting despite the abundance of morose and taciturn characters. Read More

Carlos Garaicoa: Photo-topography / Foto-topografia

Carlos Garaicoa, Photo-topography / Foto-topografía (Oficios y Santa Clara) (2012), photograph transferred to polyspan. Courtesy GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin. Photo: Michele Alberto Sereni.

Havana’s urban architecture has been a reliable subject for Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa. Since the early 90s it has held a central role in his diverse multidisciplinary practice, appearing in videos, drawings, photographs, installations, and sculpture. For Garaicoa, the social and political histories of the city and its civilization are bound up in this built environment; its ambitions and failures have worn like wrinkles and scars on the skin of the communal psyche. Read More

Jordi Alcaraz: Rock and Rupture

When Roland Barthes defined his concept of “punctum” as that element of a picture that pierces the overall composition, he did not literally mean any surfaces were punctured. This, however, is precisely what the Spanish artist Jordi Alcaraz has done in his new edition, 5 lletres. It is a provocative and playful work, as whimsically transgressive as it is amusingly surreal. Read More

Carsten Höller’s Ornithology

Carsten Höller, from the Birds series (2006).

Carsten Höller’s photogravures may seem atypical for an artist who has established a reputation for grand installations that bamboozle sensory experience. Unlike his spectacular retrospective, “Carsten Höller: Experience,” at the New Museum or his prize winning work, Double Carousel with Zöllner Stripes, on view at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, these prints are quiet and contemplative Read More

Sigmar Polke: Photoworks 1964–2000

Fig. 1. Sigmar Polke, Untitled (1964-68/90), gelatin silver print, 23.7 x 19.8 inches. Courtesy Leo Koenig Inc., New York.

Sigmar Polke was an artist of cultivated irreverence—a provocateur, a born boundary pusher. When it came to photography his eagerness to flout the familiar found expression through the printing process than through any particulars of what he was shooting. Read More

Nicola López: Structural Detours

Nicola López churns rigid industrial forms into swirling organic masses in her recent monoprints on view at Pace Prints. Chain link fence, thick cords of rope, spools of razor wire, ribbed tubing, and steel girders that resemble the bones of a well-built bridge appear thoroughly entangled as if engaged in a complex dance or a carefully choreographed brawl. Read More