Jennifer S. Pride develops online art history courses for universities, and she teaches art history and women’s studies at Florida State University. She continues to collect 19th-century newspapers and prints and is working toward establishing an online database for scholars worldwide.

Secrets of the Real Thing: Building a Collection as a Graduate Student

Fig. 1. Embellissements de Paris. – Percement de la butte des Moulins avec l’ouverture de l’avenue Napoléon, perpendiculaire à la façade du nouvel Opéra et aboutissant au Théâtre-Français. Vue prise de la Toiture du foyer du nouvel Opéra [Embellishments of Paris. – Piercing of the Butte des Moulins with the opening of the Napoleon Avenue, perpendicular to the façade of the new Opera and leading to the French theater. View taken from the foyer roof of the new Opera], reproduced from Le Monde Illustré, 27 March 1869.

I never intended to be a collector. As a doctoral candidate in art history working on Honoré Daumier and Haussmannization, I thought I would be able to do most of my image research with online databases Read More