Leslie Miller is the founder and director of Grenfell Press, where she has worked with artists such as Robert Gober, Vija Celmins, Jane Kent, Elizabeth Murray, David Storey and Terry Winters, and with writers including John Ashbury, Richard Ford, Susan Howe and Ann Lauterbach.

Voices in Print: Grenfell Press

David Storey, Untitled (1999), linoleum cuts, 31 7/8 x 16/ 13 inches and for 31 7/8 x 13 7/16/ 16 inches. Edition of 15. Printed and published by Grenfell Press, New York.

David Storey I thought a good way to start our conversation this morning about Grenfell Press would be to find out a little bit about just how everything started—how you got going as Grenfell Press Read More