William Cole is an expert in art and rare book connoisseurship. His articles, reviews and notes appear regularly in Print Quarterly and other scholarly journals. [May 2014]

Marcel Pautot and His Images de Provence

Fig. 1. Marcel Pautot, Grasse (ca. 1951), hand-colored sculpted print, 5.9 x 5.9 cm, mounted on the front cover of copy A of Images de Provence (Private collection).

The 22 sculpted prints of Marcel Pautot’s Images de Provence (1952) constitute an unlikely achievement: a completely original and utterly charming depiction of eastern Provence, from the hand of a sculptor mainly concerned with medals and perfume bottles. It is one of four volumes in which Pautot revived the peculiar fin-de-siècle medium of the gypsograph. Read More

The Prisoner: Christian Rohlfs

Perusing print sales catalogues, I often stumble upon phrases such as “A fine, rich impression of this important Picasso print.” I wish I could ask the cataloguers where they saw the mediocre impression(s) to which the one in question is being compared. Read More