Chang Yuchen is an artist who currently lives and works in New York. She graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (BFA) in 2011 and School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA) in 2013. Her solo exhibitions include "Chang Yuchen: Barbaric Poetry" at Between Art Lab, Beijing, 2015 and "Chang Yuchen: Snake and Others" at Fou Gallery, New York, 2013.

No. 20: Time Machine for Abandoned Futures by Colin Lyons

Colin Lyons, Time Machine for Abandoned Futures (2015). View of the installation on Midnight Dome in the Klondike. Time Machine for Abandoned Futures was produced with the support of Klondike Institute of Art & Culture and Canada Council for the Arts. All photos by the artist.

Erected on a bluff overlooking Bonanza Creek in the Canadian Yukon, Colin Lyons’ Time Machine for Abandoned Futures uses a vast battery, made of etching plates and acid, to power the electrolytic cleaning of broken tools and machine parts left behind by the Klondike Gold Rush Read More

From New Woodcut to the No Name Group: Resistance, Medium and Message in 20th-Century China

Jiang Feng, Kill the Resisters (1931), woodcut, 14 x 17.7 cm. Reproduced from Selection of 50 Years of Chinese New Printmaking, Vol. 1, 1931–1949 (Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Fine Art Publishing House, 1981).

Prints in general, and woodcuts in particular, are frequently touted as a political art form par excellence—expressive, inexpensive, easily distributed and visually accessible Read More