Flatbed Press

2830 East M. L. King Jr. Blvd., Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 477-9328


Artists Represented: John Alexander, Terry Allen, Robert Dale Anderson, Miguel Aragón, Richard Armendariz, Alice Leora Briggs, Veronica, Ceci, Michael Ray Charles, John Cobb, Ann Conner, John Robert Craft, Suzi Davidoff, Kelly Fearing, Sandra C. Fernandez, Spencer Fidler, Margaret Garrett, Teresa Gomez Martorell, Annalise Gratovich, John Greer, Kenneth J. Hale, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Sandria Hu, Arthur Huang, Luis Jimenez, Jules Buck Jones, Sharon Kopriva, Robert Levers, Mary Fielding McCleary, Denny McCoy, Melissa Miller, Samson Mnisi, Celia Munoz, Greg Murr, John Obuck, Vanessa Paschakarnis, Lamar Peterson, Liliana Porter, Linda Ridgway, Dan Rizzie, Joel Salcido, Peter Saul, Margo Sawyer, Katie van Scherpenberg, Larry Scholder, Julie Speed, James Sullivan, James Surls, Frank X. Tolbert 2, Randy Twaddle, Patrick Wadley, Bettie Ward, Liz Ward, Bruce Lee Webb, Casey Williams, Joan W. Winter, Judy Youngblood

Founded in 1989, Flatbed Press has twenty-seven years experience publishing and exhibiting fine art prints. Flatbed specializes in the collaborative development and editioning of intaglio, lithographic, monotype and relief prints. Flatbed’s professional studio has three master printers who collaborate with artists to create and produce limited editions. Flatbed also does contract collaborative print development and editioning for other publishers, dealers, artists and institutions. Open to the public are Flatbed’s showroom and three exhibition galleries. The galleries feature rotating exhibitions of Flatbed’s published prints and works by represented and other invited artists.

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