Kala Art Institute

2990 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702


Artists associated (partial selection): Kathy Aoki, Susan Belau, Squeak Carnwath, Enrique Chagoya, Roy de Forest, Holly Downing, Jessica Dunne, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kim Frohsin, Barbara Foster, Ellen Heck, Liz Hickok, Nif Hodgson, Archana Horsting, Max Kellenberger, Amanda Knowles, Jimin Lee, Karl Kasten, Mary Marsh, Vanessa Marsh, Yuzo Nakano, Gary Nakamoto, Jeannie, O’Connor, Kouseki Ono, Kelly Ording, Nora Pauwels, Emily Payne, Endi Poskovic, Barbara Robertson, Jenny Robinson, Artemio Rodriguez, Unai San Martin, Sylvia Solochek Walters, Seiko Tachibana, Peter Voulkos, Richard Wagener, Sandy Walker, Donna Westerman, Kazuko Watanabe, Katherine Westerhout, Noah Wilson, Lena Wolff

Founded in 1974 by Archana Horsting and Yuzo Nakano as an international workshop and forum for ideas, Kala Art Institute provides exceptional facilities to professional artists working in all forms of printmaking, digital media, photography, and book arts. Located in the former Heinz ketchup factory in West Berkeley since 1979, Kala’s 15,200 square foot facility houses an extensive array of art-making equipment, as well as a gallery, and a vast collection of prints for sale.

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