Manneken Press

1106 E Bell Street Bloomington, IL

Artists represented: Carlos Andrade, Melissa Cook, Brian Cypher, Jack Davidson, Rupert Deese, LJ Douglas, Rhea Edge, Peter Feldstein, Betty Friedman, Jonathan Higgins, Richard Hull, Gary Justis, Ted Kincaid, Claire Lieberman, Judy Ledgerwood, Jane McNichol, Tom Orr, Kate Petley, Justin Quinn, Jay Shinn, Sarah Smelser, Philip Van Keuren, Joan Winter

Manneken Press publishes limited edition and unique prints, artist’s books and portfolios by contemporary artists. Founded in 2000, we publish projects by several invited artists each year, working primarily in intaglio, photogravure, relief, and monotype. Manneken Press regularly exhibits at major art fairs and has been the subject of three survey exhibitions.

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