René Schmitt Druckgraphik

Klingster Weg 58, 26810 WOL, Germany

Artists represented: Art and Language, Luis Camnitzer, Michael Mueller, Tal R, Peter Saul, Ulay, Rose Wylie

René Schmitt Druckgraphik is an edition focusing on the legacy of printmaking. Expertise of craftsmanship and exploration of the printmaking possibilities are the basic philosophy of this edition house. All editions evolve out of close collaborations with the artists and, inside a portfolio, every single edition forms an exhibition on its own. Since 2012 René Schmitt Druckgraphik has edited works by Peter Saul, Rose Wylie, Luis Camnitzer, Ulay and Tal R. Collaborations with Michael Müller, John Armleder and Art+Language will follow shortly.

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