University of the Arts Book Arts + Printmaking MFA Program

320 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 717-6299

Editions published with artists through the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts and the MFA Book Arts + Printmaking Program: Lesley Dill, Wardell Milan, Jennifer Angus, John Salvest and Nicola Lopez among others

The MFA in Book Arts + Printmaking is a highly selective professional graduate program that imparts a tradition of artistic and academic excellence through a distinctive pedagogical lens. Our unparalleled program offers students a profound conceptual and technical experience as presented through an intense, interactive and rigorous studio environment. The breadth and depth of possibilities exploring the art of the book, printmaking, and the narrative are enormous and complex. The program encourages students to cultivate a hybrid methodology among the disciplines of printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding and letterpress printing—— exploring text as well as image, the temporal as well as the spatial, the three-dimensional as well as the two-dimensional and the traditional as well as the experimental.

Our location within the College of Art, Media and Design allows students access to a range of dynamic courses spanning from photography to craft and materials studies led by such esteemed artists as Warren Seelig; a variety of Graduate Seminars and liberal arts courses taught by such renowned individual as Camille Paglia; and additional vibrant programming such as the Visiting Writer series launched in 2013 with a reading by Joyce Carol Oates. Recent speakers include Kazim Ali and Katherine Bode-Lang.

Our proximity to New York City and Washington DC affords the ability to visit museums, galleries, printshops, papermaking studios and artist’s studios on a regular basis and moreover, establish lasting relationships with professionals associated with these venues. The city of Philadelphia, vibrant in history, culture and contemporary art, is a central component and well-acknowledged companion to our program. Of particular importance, the education our program provides extends beyond the University, into the prominent historical institutions of Philadelphia and provides an arena for research, academic exploration and inspiration—it is a fluid classroom. Our students gain valuable experience through internships at these institutions, many continue employment in the curatorial/conservation field as well as fine art field due to these relationships and experiences. Moreover, Philadelphia also offers a vital contemporary art landscape from printmaking collectives such as Second State Press and Space 1026, to artist run spaces such as Vox Populi to the established Fabric Print Workshop and Museum and the Print Center, the opportunities for our students are vast. We also offer the ability for study abroad at The University of the Arts London College Campus which houses one of the largest printmaking studios in Europe.

The education at the University of the Arts provides an environment fostering conceptual development, preparing our students for a variety of professional careers or advanced studies within the printmaking, papermaking and book art field. Students are able to engage in critical contemporary and historical discourse and apply this to methods of professional practices as a foundation in which to develop careers upon. Notable alum include Tara O’Brien, Director of Preservation and Conservation Services at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Melanie Mowinski, Assistant Professor of Art at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; Matthew Liddle, Director of the School of Art and Design at Western Carolina University and Co-Director of Paper & Book Intensive; Katie Baldwin, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama; Berwyn Hung, Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Brand Center; and Victoria Burge represented by Julian Page Fine Art in London and Aspinwall Editions in New York.

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