No. 17: Metamorphosis music notation by Annesas Appel

Annesas Appel, Metamorphosis music notation (2015), detail of hand-perforated color piezoprint, each stroke 225 x 7 cm. Photo: G.J. Van Rooij. Image courtesy Johan Deumens Gallery, Amsterdam.

In this iteration of the Prix de Print I was presented with a very strong group of works to consider. As I am an active participant in the world of print, it was inevitable that I would recognize many of the submissions and thus find myself struggling to remain impartial Read More

No. 15: Edition by Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson, Edition (2015).

Bill Thompson’s Edition, at first glance, is an austere, balanced, minimalist grid, divided into eight columns and seven rows, printed on chine collé and perfectly placed on the sheet. The defining lines were laid out digitally Read More

No. 13: Rebuilding the Unbuilt [Y Block] by Sumi Perera

Sumi Perera, Rebuilding the Unbuilt [Y Block] (i) (left) and (ii) (right)(2014).

The disciplines of printmaking and architecture have been bound together nearly since the invention of movable type, when woodcuts were utilized by publishers as a way to illustrate architectural treatises such as the 1511 printing of Vitruvius’s De architectura or Sebastiano Serlio’s General Rules of Architecture (1537). Read More

No. 11: Dennison by Mario Laplante

Mario Laplante, Dennison (2014).

My first impression of Mario Laplante's Dennison was of myriad small parts coalescing into an organized field, as if the gravitational force of the central mass had pulled all of these moments of color into its orbit. I was reminded of early cosmologies, in which every sphere of existence is depicted in as many concentric circles. Read More

No. 10: Stability Dynamics by Jeremy Lundquist

Jeremy Lundquist, Stability Dynamics (2013).

Stability Dynamics is a multipart etching that employs the medium’s inherent malleability to comment on the gap between the realities of modern warfare and its representation. The work is based on a PowerPoint slide titled "Afghanistan Stability/COIN Dynamics” used in a military briefing on the strategic surge intended to end the war in Afghanistan. Read More

No. 9: Island by Victoria Burge

Victoria Burge, Island (2013).

As a map enthusiast, I was drawn to Island (2013) by Victoria Burge among the submissions to the Prix de Print. Maps have a beauty of their own and an intriguing abstract visual language. In a complex and interconnected world, they provide us with a comforting sense of knowing where we are Read More

No. 8: Cartier Window by Stella Ebner

Before us is a shop window with a jewelry display. To either side, festoons of pine or tinsel hint at Christmas. Above is the brand: a logo unmistakably readable as Cartier, despite its being cut off at the top. Like any fancy Christmas window on Madison, this one includes a gimmick: a video, one presumes, of snow leopards—tinged with pink, like a glacier under a winter sun—bounding through an ice-blue background. Read More