No. 2: Punkt zu Linie by Gesa Puell

Gesa Puell, Punkt zu Linie (Point to Line) (2013).

The submissions for this round of the Prix de Print were remarkable for their variety. There were books, installations, DIY constructions, sculptures and animations—each with as strong a claim to be considered “a print” as the eloquent etchings, engravings, woodcuts and monotypes also submitted. Most entries were rich in content and invention …Read More

No. 1: Fallen Chapter 71 or 4836 Times E by Justin Quinn

Justin Quinn, Fallen Chapter 71 or 4836 Times E (2012).

I am delighted to be the first juror for the newly initiated Art in Print Prix de Print. I have been looking at prints for many years as an artist, a juror, a printer and an instructor. Above all, though, I look at prints for the sheer visceral excitement. I love prints that have their own kind of clarity and appear coherent and beautifully made. …Read More