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Christiane Baumgartner

  • Christiane Baumgartner, Another Country (2016)

Another Country is the latest monumental woodcut from Christiane Baumgartner, whose engagement with the medium has endured for close to 15 years. Using video and photography, Baumgartner fixes an evanescent moment Read More

Brian Belott

  • Brian Belott, Pirate Ship (2017)

Brian Belott, Pirate Ship (2017).

In 1996 Brian Belott—painter on plastic, designer of used sock reliquaries, creator of wildly eccentric books—made a small picture of a pirate ship. Clumps of collage and dark paint picked out a wonky blue hull amidst churning sea and sky Read More

Ross Bleckner

  • Ross Bleckner, Mirror (2016)

  • November 29th (2016)

  • September 23rd (2016)

  • September 23rd bis (2016)

Ross Bleckner has been producing nimble and haunting meditations on mortality since the 1980s, but rarely with the stripped-down concision of this recent set of prints. All appear to have been over obituary pages torn from the New York Times Read More

Astrid Bowlby

  • Astrid Bowlby, Everything (2016)

  • Just Before (2016)

These are Astrid Bowlby’s first prints with Petrichor Fine Art Press, a five-year-old Pennsylvania press committed to stone lithography. Each is concerned with the accumulation of marks Read More

Andy Burgess

  • Andy Burgess, Bank of America, Palm Springs; Miami Art Deco; Hong Kong Abstraction; Eileen Gray’s E-1027 House (2016)

  • Haus Heyrovsky; The Fiat Tagliero Building (2016)

  • Pool House (2016)

Over the last 15 years, the British artist Andy Burgess has become known for paintings and collages inspired by contemporary cityscapes as well as 20th-century architecture and advertising Read More

Keith Coventry

  • Keith Coventry, Weighgate Estate, Bayham Estate, Longlands Estate, Peckham Park Estate (2015 and 1998–2016 (Weighgate Estate))

Keith Coventry’s arrangements of detached color rectangles on flat white ground are pointedly suggestive of Kazimir Malevich in high Suprematist mode. We know the rhetoric: the revolutionary reach for universal principles Read More

Tacita Dean

  • Tacita Dean, LA Exuberance (2016)

Installation view: Tacita Dean, L.A. Exuberance (2016) from the exhibition “L.A. Exuberance: New Gifts by Artists,” Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, 30 October 2016 – 2 April 2017. ©2016 Tacita Dean and Gemini G.E.L. LLC. Photo ©Museum Associates/LACMA.

One thing about Tacita Dean’s captivating new lithographs of clouds must be made clear at the start: they are hand-drawn. It would be easy to understand them as photo-offset lithographs unless informed otherwise Read More

Claas Gutsche

  • Claas Gutsche, Die Gestaltung 2 (Composition 2) (2016)

Claas Gutsche, born in East Germany seven years before the Berlin Wall fell, makes two kinds of work—bronze sculptures and meticulous linocuts—of two kinds of subjects: the bits of nature that city dwellers encounter Read More

Dan Halter

  • Dan Halter, Domboremari (Green), Domboremari (Pink), Domboremari (Blue) (2016)

With the graphic punch of a relief print and the elaborate line game of engraving, Dan Halter’s meter-tall linocut of rocks was a strong presence at the E/AB Fair in November. It came by both qualities honestly Read More

Alexa Horochowski

  • Alexa Horochowski, Vortex Drawings (2016)

Though prints are usually thought of as the product of a fixed matrix—carved woodblocks, engraved plates—the history of printmaking is also littered with malleable matrices: the smooth glass of Degas’ monoprints Read More

Tess Jaray

  • Tess Jaray, Nine Thorns (2016)

  • First City (2016)

  • Dark on Light and Light on Dark (2016)

Tess Jaray, a British artist and influential teacher at the Slade School of Fine Art, came to prominence in the 1960s through early exhibitions of paintings that aligned her with other optically oriented artists such as Bridget Riley Read More

John McDevitt King

  • John McDevitt King, Almost There (2016)

John McDevitt King has long devoted himself to the depiction of objects experienced in his imagination. Spheres, coils, candles, plants, light reflections, shadows and shapes float through his ethereal paintings, drawings and prints Read More

Beryl Korot

  • Beryl Korot, Curves I, Curves II and Curves III (2016)

A pioneer of video art and a steadfast weaver, writer and editor since the 1970s, Beryl Korot has spent more than 40 years making works that reveal hidden commonalities between ancient and modern technologies Read More

Liza Lou

  • Liza Lou, Woven (2016)

Over the decades, Liza Lou’s beaded sculptures and installations have transmogrified from illusionistic bedazzlement (as in Kitchen, 1990–96) to more meditative explorations of the process and social implications of beading Read More

Michael Menchaca

  • Michael Menchaca, Gotta Catch ’Em All! (2016)

Michael Menchaca describes his work as a “digital codex”—a phrase that captures the juxtaposition and, sometimes, tension between the pre-Columbian and contemporary cultures that he cites Read More

Jordan Nassar

  • Jordan Nassar, Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat (2016)

Jordan Nassar, who primarily produces hand-embroidered textile works and self-published zines, has recently begun making prints that blend the visual language of traditional Palestinian embroidery with a contemporary graphic sensibility Read More

Robert Olsen

  • Robert Olsen, Untitled (Overpass) (2016)

In April 2014, Robert Olsen, an acclaimed painter of somber, luminous cityscapes and still lifes, died of a heart attack in his sleep. He was 44. At the time, Olsen was engaged in a print project with his New York gallery Read More

Serena Perrone

  • Serena Perrone, Alberi: Site Specific (2014–16)

  • Lightforms: Venice I–VII (2016)

In a departure from the fictionalized, narrative landscapes of her prior works, Serena Perrone’s most recent print editions delight in facts of the natural world, albeit unexpected and dreamlike ones Read More

Hanneline Røgeberg

  • Hanneline Røgeberg, Lede Revision (2016)

  • Lede Revision II, VII, VIII and IX (2016)

  • Lede Revision I, IV, VI, XII, Deluge Lede and Lead Revision (2016)

In her art, the Norwegian-born painter Hanneline Røgeberg seeks to “visualize feeling” through a voluptuous vocabulary of bodies, skin and intense physical engagement Read More

Analia Saban

  • Analia Saban, Pocket Watch (One Continuous Line), Blender (One Continuous Line) and Combo Television Unit (One Continuous Line) (2016)

  • Electric Toothbrush (One Continuous Line) (2016)

  • Massage Recliner (One Continuous Line) (2016)

  • Fingerprint (2016)

In the series One Continuous Line, Analia Saban takes as her subjects a selection of semi-luxury objects: a pocket watch, a blender, a tube television, an electric toothbrush and a massage recliner Read More