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Rubber Made with Camille Henrot

  • Camille Henrot, Extinction on the Table (2015)

Camille Henrot is probably best known for her video Grosse Fatigue (Dead Tired, 2013), a mindboggling, 13-minute history of the universe for which she was awarded the prize for best promising young artist at the Venice Biennial Read More

Truth, Beauty and Mathematics

  • Michael Atiyah, Enrico Bombieri, Stephen Smale, Murray Gell-Mann, David Mumford, Steven Weinberg, Simon Donaldson, Richard Karp, Peter Lax and Freeman Dyson, Concinnitas (2014)

Simon Donaldson, Ampère’s Law from Concinnitas (2014).

For centuries beauty has been ascribed to the mathematical description of reality, from Newton’s law of universal gravitation to Einstein’s theory of relativity. In a 1939 lecture the theoretical physicist Paul Dirac (1902–1982) argued that any fundamental law of physics possesses mathematical beauty Read More

Julie Mehretu’s Syrian Elegy

  • Julie Mehretu, Epigraph, Damascus (2016)

Julie Mehretu, Epigraph, Damascus (2016).

Julie Mehretu’s Mogamma (A Painting in Four Parts) has received a good deal of attention since it appeared at Documenta in 2012. As the press duly noted, Mogamma is the mammoth Egyptian government building—half Chicago Merchandise Mart, half Albert Speer—that dominates Tahrir Square in Cairo Read More

Tomma Abts

  • Tomma Abts, Untitled (wavy line), Untitled (small circles), Untitled (gap), Untitled (big circle) (2015)

When Tomma Abts made her first prints at Crown Point Press in 2009, she relied on preparatory drawings to guide her compositions while she acquainted herself with intaglio processes. When she returned to Crown Point in 2015, she had a clear plan in mind Read More

Donald Baechler

  • Donald Baechler, Tantric Feet (2015)

Donald Baechler, Tantric Feet (2015).

The two white footprints, extending almost the full height of the black ground, initially read as impressions of human appendages. But the splayed toes, the disproportionately large forefoot and the odd wobble of the contour soon begin to conjure something less tame Read More

John Baldessari

  • John Baldessari, Concrete Couples (2015)

Since 1994 John Baldessari has worked regularly with Mixografía, the Los Angeles workshop known for its cast paper editions. The products of this collaboration have ranged from photo-etched table lamps to a QWERTY alphabet [see Art in Print Jan–Feb 2013] to a self-standing sailboat Read More

John Baldessari

  • John Baldessari, Fall Line (2015)

  • Karl Lagerfeld (2015)

  • Numbered Legs (2015)

  • Valentine (2015)

Haute couture is not merely about clothes. Its revered labels and lines are in the business of building personalities: the clothes are a medium for communicating the distinction and mystique of the wearer Read More

Allison Bianco

  • Allison Bianco, Later that Day at Second Beach (2014)

Allison Bianco, Later that Day at Second Beach (2014). Courtesy of the artist and Cade Tompkins Projects.

Allison Bianco uses printmaking to explore her relationship to her memories of her native Rhode Island through a combination of technical experimentation and art historical references. In her recent work, these landscapes have increasingly symbolized the juxtaposition Read More

Sebastian Black

  • Sebastian Black, Period Piece Simple Sequence (2014)

Sebastian Black, Period Piece Simple Sequence (2014). Courtesy Wingate Studio.

Sebastian Black’s Period Piece Simple Sequence is devised in binary form: it can be viewed bookishly sheathed in Mark Tomlinson’s handsome cloth-bound slipcase, or sprung out like a jack-in-the-box into two ten-panel paper sculptures that extend some ten feet Read More

Sebastiaan Bremer

  • Sebastiaan Bremer, Bloemen (2015)

New York–based Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer mines extant images for his photographic alterations; his sources are usually personal, but he also looks for images that carry wider cultural implications Read More

Noah Breuer

  • Noah Breuer, Team Set (2015)

Noah Breuer, Team Set (2015).

Noah Breuer often dissects the mechanics of the printed image—particularly the common commercial variety—to investigate its function in pop culture. He has frequently turned to baseball cards as subject Read More

Victoria Burge

  • Victoria Burge, Light Study I–III (2015)

Plump, embossed ellipses of pure white paper play across the surfaces of Victoria Burge’s recent prints. So subtle as to be nearly unreadable in reproduction, they are best viewed in person Read More

Rodney Carswell

  • Rodney Carswell, geo-2-oon (2015)

  • (...!) (2015)

In Rodney Carswell’s recent projects with Shark’s Ink, things are not always what they seem. Geometric abstraction, long considered to be the epitome of art-with-a-capital-A, is tinged with playful wit—what the printer calls “good humored abstraction.”  Read More

Enrique Chagoya

  • Enrique Chagoya, Untitled (The Near Distant Jungle) (2014)

  • Disparate de Toritos (Folly of Young Bulls); Bobalicón (Big Booby); Disparate de Bestia (Animal Folly); Disparate Ridículo (Ridiculous Folly); Disparate Claro (Clear Folly); Disparate Femenino (Feminine Folly) (2014–15)

  • Bravisimo!; Lo que puede un sastre! (What a tailor can do!); Sopla (Gust the wind); Y se le quema la casa (And the house is on fire); Ya tienen asiento (Now they are sitting well); Ya van desplumados (There they go plucked) (2012/2015)

Enrique Chagoya, Untitled (The Near Distant Jungle) (2014).

Enrique Chagoya has significantly expanded his already substantial body of prints over the past two years, working with three different studios and further exploring his established themes, techniques and ideas Read More

José Pedro Croft

  • José Pedro Croft, Untitled (2015)

  • Untitled (2015)

The Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft is known for large, geometric sculptures that incorporate sheets of glass and mirrors alongside found objects such as chairs, doors and industrial materials Read More

Koen Delaere

  • Koen Delaere, Brooklyn Waterfront Suite (Blue, Green, Solferino and Violet) (2015)

Process is what drives Koen Delaere. Early in his career, he found that making painting on his hands and studio floor was more rewarding than the image on the canvas. He habitually submits himself to rules as obstacles to overcome Read More

Nicole Eisenman

  • Nicole Eisenman, Tiffany Crossing the Alborz (2015)

Eisenman has restored to the representation of the human form a cultural significance that had waned during the ascendancy of abstraction in the twentieth century.” So wrote the MacArthur Foundation in announcing the artist’s fellowship award Read More

Michelle Grabner

  • Michelle Grabner, Warm Red Gingham (2015)

  • Crochet Ripple (2015)

  • Marriage à-la-mode (2015)

Michelle Grabner, Marriage à-la-mode (dog) (2015).

Since 2011 Michelle Grabner, who is known for her abstract paintings based on mathematic principles, has been depicting and appropriating domestic textiles to emphasize the fundamental (yet overlooked) relationship between painting and weaving—a motif last seen in her early 1990s work Read More

Spencer Finch

  • Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015)

Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015). Image courtesy Paulson Bott Press.

Qualities of light, like particularities of smell, have the ability to evoke beyond reason a particular place and time. It is a property that Spencer Finch used with tremendous grace in Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning Read More

Trenton Doyle Hancock

  • Trenton Doyle Hancock, Mound #1 the Legend (2015)

Trenton Doyle Hancock has worked with Graphicstudio for over a decade, and the workshop’s ability to explore unusual production processes suits his unorthodox approach. Hancock’s work centers on an epic pseudo-biblical creation myth whose protagonists are the Mounds Read More