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Enrique Chagoya

  • Enrique Chagoya, Untitled (The Near Distant Jungle) (2014)

  • Disparate de Toritos (Folly of Young Bulls); Bobalicón (Big Booby); Disparate de Bestia (Animal Folly); Disparate Ridículo (Ridiculous Folly); Disparate Claro (Clear Folly); Disparate Femenino (Feminine Folly) (2014–15)

  • Bravisimo!; Lo que puede un sastre! (What a tailor can do!); Sopla (Gust the wind); Y se le quema la casa (And the house is on fire); Ya tienen asiento (Now they are sitting well); Ya van desplumados (There they go plucked) (2012/2015)

Enrique Chagoya, Untitled (The Near Distant Jungle) (2014).

Enrique Chagoya has significantly expanded his already substantial body of prints over the past two years, working with three different studios and further exploring his established themes, techniques and ideas Read More

José Pedro Croft

  • José Pedro Croft, Untitled (2015)

  • Untitled (2015)

The Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft is known for large, geometric sculptures that incorporate sheets of glass and mirrors alongside found objects such as chairs, doors and industrial materials Read More

Koen Delaere

  • Koen Delaere, Brooklyn Waterfront Suite (Blue, Green, Solferino and Violet) (2015)

Process is what drives Koen Delaere. Early in his career, he found that making painting on his hands and studio floor was more rewarding than the image on the canvas. He habitually submits himself to rules as obstacles to overcome Read More

Nicole Eisenman

  • Nicole Eisenman, Tiffany Crossing the Alborz (2015)

Eisenman has restored to the representation of the human form a cultural significance that had waned during the ascendancy of abstraction in the twentieth century.” So wrote the MacArthur Foundation in announcing the artist’s fellowship award Read More

Michelle Grabner

  • Michelle Grabner, Warm Red Gingham (2015)

  • Crochet Ripple (2015)

  • Marriage à-la-mode (2015)

Michelle Grabner, Marriage à-la-mode (dog) (2015).

Since 2011 Michelle Grabner, who is known for her abstract paintings based on mathematic principles, has been depicting and appropriating domestic textiles to emphasize the fundamental (yet overlooked) relationship between painting and weaving—a motif last seen in her early 1990s work Read More

Spencer Finch

  • Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015)

Spencer Finch, Back to Kansas (2015). Image courtesy Paulson Bott Press.

Qualities of light, like particularities of smell, have the ability to evoke beyond reason a particular place and time. It is a property that Spencer Finch used with tremendous grace in Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning Read More

Trenton Doyle Hancock

  • Trenton Doyle Hancock, Mound #1 the Legend (2015)

Trenton Doyle Hancock has worked with Graphicstudio for over a decade, and the workshop’s ability to explore unusual production processes suits his unorthodox approach. Hancock’s work centers on an epic pseudo-biblical creation myth whose protagonists are the Mounds Read More

Jacob Hashimoto

  • Jacob Hashimoto, Lemmata (2015)

Jacob Hashimoto, Lemma I from Lemmata (2015). Courtesy of Durham Press and the artist.

The title of Jacob Hashimoto’s first print project is revealing: in lexicography, a lemma (singular of lemmata) is the base form of a term, such as would be used to head a dictionary entry. In mathematics, a lemma is a proven proposition employed in the attempt to solve a larger problem Read More

Daniel Heyman

  • Daniel Heyman, In Our Own Words: Native Impressions (2015)

For more than a decade Daniel Heyman has worked on the border between artistic practice and oral history. His prints combine portraiture and text to mine some of the most contentious social and political issues of our day Read More

Jim Hodges

  • Jim Hodges, Winter Speaks (2015)

Jim Hodges, Winter Speaks (2015). Image courtesy of Highpoint Editions and Jim Hodges.

Jim Hodges has long pursued the “idea of oneness, of a kind of complete wholeness of time compressed into an instant.” Winter Speaks, recently completed at Highpoint Editions in Minneapolis and the most ambitious print of his career, evokes this quality Read More

Carsten Höller

  • Carsten Höller, Four Birds (2015)

As promised by the title, each of these photogravures presents a quartet of small, similar birds, side-by-side on a perch. The photographic style employed is that of the studio portrait—beautifully lit, finely detailed, posed in an ambiguous neutral space Read More

Jacqueline Humphries

  • Jacqueline Humphries, Untitled I and II (2015)

  • Untitled 1, 2 and 3 (2015)

At her exhibition at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York last spring, Jacqueline Humphries showed ten splendid large-scale paintings that appear at first glance to be purely abstract. Up close, they reveal vast fields of tiny emoticons Read More

Kerry James Marshall

  • Kerry James Marshall, Satisfied Man (2015)

Kerry James Marshall, Satisfied Man (2015).

When have you ever seen a painting of a black person that seems self-satisfied?” asked Kerry James Marshall in a 2014 interview. “Not sure I have,” his interlocutor responded. Self-satisfaction has to be the strangest kind of ordinary to be absent from view Read More

Jill Moser

  • Jill Moser, Wingate Sanguine, Wingate Silver and Wingate Violet (2015)

Steadily building a notable oeuvre in prints, the New York-based artist Jill Moser has been working in various mediums at studios around the city and beyond over the past five years Read More

Cornelia Parker

  • Cornelia Parker, Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exposed) (2015)

  • One Day This Glass Will Break (2015)

Cornelia Parker, Articles of Glass from One Day This Glass Will Break (2015). Courtesy Cornelia Parker and Alan Cristea, London.

Cornelia Parker’s sculptures and installations have often captured the transformation of common matter in ways that blend physics and metaphysics (or at least the human desire to find metaphysical meanings) Read More

Mai-Thu Perret

  • Mai-Thu Perret, Untitled (2015)

  • Untitled (2014)

For 16 years, Mai-Thu Perret’s ongoing Gesamtkunstwerk, The Chrystal Frontier, has chronicled the lives and doings of the residents of New Ponderosa Year Zero, a utopian, egalitarian, feminist enclave in New Mexico Read More

Sarah Sze

  • Sarah Sze, Evening (2015)

Sarah Sze, Evening (2015).

Being inside an installation by Sarah Sze is a dizzying experience. A plenitude of objects surrounds you, directing interaction and movements. Elements are either enormous or miniscule Read More

Craig Taylor

  • Craig Taylor, Figment of the Thing, Without the Transitor of Reason and Self Portrait of Nobody (2015)

Craig Taylor’s latest prints, his second collaboration with Jennifer Melby, extend the subject and technical investigations of his recent paintings. The images present anthropomorphic shapes that mimic the character of sculpted portrait busts Read More

B. Wurtz

  • B. Wurtz, Untitled (2013–15)

B. Wurtz, Untitled (7831) (2013), plastic bag and newsprint on pigmented cotton base sheet with linen overlay, 30 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches. Image courtesy of Dieu Donné.

Midcareer, B. Wurtz has suddenly become a darling of the art world. His striking arrangements of common household detritus seem to resonate with our current great awakening in the face of global warming and rampant consumerism Read More