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Gray Matter: David Schutter

  • David Schutter, Study for Autograph Repetition (2013)

David Schutter’s paintings are ravishing paradoxes: copies that don’t resemble the originals, replicas that cannot be replicated. From a distance, and in most reproductions, they appear as rectangles of cloudy gray Read More

Imitation Games: Mike Bidlo and Piero Manzoni

  • Mike Bidlo, Not Manzoni (Impronte, 1960; Impronte pollice sinistro, 1960; Impronte pollice destro, 1960) (2015)

Mike Bidlo, Not Manzoni (Impronte, 1960) (2015). Photo: Ali Eli, Camera Arts, New York.

The final line of Roland Barthes’ influential 1967 text, “The Death of the Author,” reads: “The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author.” Read More

Border Control: Paula Scher

  • Paula Scher, You Me (2014)

Paula Scher, You Me (2014).

In a Ted Talk delivered in 2008, the designer and artist Paula Scher said, “The best way to accomplish serious design … is to be totally and completely unqualified for the job.” The observation is germane to the print she recently completed at Blue Acier Read More

The Dread North of Aaron Spangler

  • Aaron Spangler, Luddite (The Wall, Separatist, Waiting in Line, Constellation, Fence Lines, Hoarder, Reclining Arms, Bananas, Wholeness and Well-Being, How Do I Say Goodbye) (2014)

Aaron Spangler, The Wall (2014), woodcut, image 53 3/4 x 30 inches, sheet 58 1/4 x 34 inches. Edition of 6.

With his recent suite of ten woodblock prints, Luddite, Aaron Spangler has conjured a tangled and immersive world that unwittingly channels the densely symbolic tales of Hieronymus Bosch within a 21st-century stylistic idiom. Read More

Life and Death

  • Matthew Day Jackson, LIFE, June 5th 1944 (2014)

Matthew Day Jackson, LIFE, June 5th 1944 (2014).

A one-time printmaking major, Matthew Day Jackson has often embedded printmaking in his multivalent art practice, which includes activities from drag racing to sculpture and collage. Found or self-generated printed material has been a frequent starting point for his two-dimensional work Read More

Ellen Heck

  • Ellen Heck, Forty Fridas (2011–2012)

Ellen Heck, Anna as Frida from Forty Fridas (2011-2012).

Since the International Print Biennale was established in Newcastle (UK) in 2009, the Victoria &Albert Museum has awarded a prize: an online essay about the prize-winning work, written by myself as senior curator of prints, in return for which the artist is asked to donate a piece to the museum’s permanent collection. Read More

José Antonio Suárez Londoño

  • José Antonio Suárez Londoño, The Herkimer Suite (2014)

José Antonio Suárez Londoño, plate from The Herkimer Suite (detail) (2014). Courtesy Harlan & Weaver, Inc., New York.

In May 2014, Colombian artist José Antonio Suárez Londoño was living in an apartment on Herkimer Street in Brooklyn while he worked on a project with printers Felix Harlan and Carol Weaver that would eventually take on the name of the street. Read More

David Altmejd

  • David Altmejd, Ringers (2014)

David Altmejd, K.O. and D.B. from Ringers (2014).

For those accustomed to experiencing the works of David Altmejd in three dimensions and at a large scale, in immersive installations in which glass and mirrors compound mysteries of facture and content, this set of mixed-medium prints will come as a surprise. Read More

John Armleder

  • John Armleder, Ancient Imperial Horses (2014)

John Armleder, Ancient Imperial Horses (2014).

John Cage once wrote that the reason to compose music (and by extension, make art) was not “to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply [as] a way of waking up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one…lets it act of its own accord.” Read More

Richard Bosman

  • Richard Bosman, Crossing (2014)

  • Round Trip (2014)

  • Squall (2014)

Three new relief prints from Tandem Press extend Richard Bosman’s exploration of the drama of travel, particularly at sea. The theme was established in his first print publications in 1981, which included the iconic woodcut Man Overboard. Read More

Enrique Chagoya

  • Enrique Chagoya, La Bestia's Guide to the Birth of the Cool (2014)

Enrique Chagoya, La Bestia’s Guide to the Birth of the Cool (2014).

In his 12th editioned codex with Shark’s Ink, Enrique Chagoya returns to immigration, a topic he hasn’t visited in depth for nearly two decades. Prompted by the recent controversy over the illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors from Central America Read More

Jeffrey Dell

  • Jeffrey Dell, Hot Money Girl (2014)

The party is over, but the bits of wrapping paper, bows and ribbon are strewn on the floor, decorative streamers dangle overhead and leftover cake is crusting-up on the counter. These relics have a power to haunt the psyches of guests, hosts and celebrants. Read More

Lesley Dill

  • Lesley Dill, Hummingbird Dress (2013)

  • Hummingbird Dress: Red (2013)

Lesley Dill’s most recent editions with Tamarind Institute, Hummingbird Dress and Hummingbird Dress: Red, continue the artist’s dialogue with ink on paper that began in the early 1990s after an extended stay in India. Read More

Stella Ebner

  • Stella Ebner, The Back Rub (Or the Great Wave) (2012)

Through the seating area of a vacant and darkened Japanese restaurant, two figures can be seen in an illuminated doorway behind a semitransparent curtain, one massaging the shoulders of the other. One of Stella Ebner's poignant odes to the beauty of everyday life, this poster-sized screenprint, like many of the artist's prints, uses frames within frames Read More

Nancy Friedemann

  • Nancy Friedemann, Untitled (2014)

In the 16th century, Andalucian nuns brought lace and embroidery techniques to Colombia, where the imported vocabulary of Hispano-Moresque motifs was expanded by native flora and fauna, resulting in a distinctive art of mantillas and shawls with the delicacy and resilience of gossamer. This hand art has fostered continuity from generation to generation Read More

Wayne Gonzales

  • Wayne Gonzales, Crowd (2014)

  • Parking Lot (2014)

Wayne Gonzales, from Crowd (2014).

Wayne Gonzales has spent his 25-year-long career exploring the markers of a society unhinged by the “truthiness” of media. Profoundly influenced by the silkscreen methods of Andy Warhol, he first created a name for himself with paintings related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (Gonzales grew up in New Orleans, in the shadow of the Jack Ruby “conspiracy.”) Read More

Arturo Herrera

  • Arturo Herrera, Dance (2014)

  • Four Dancers (2014)

Arturo Herrera, from Dance (2014).

The new photogravures from veteran collagist Arturo Herrera extend his work in visually gripping and emotionally affecting ways. Though his early reputation was established by his intricate reworkings of pop cultural motifs, it was quickly apparent that—for all the Disney borrowings—Herrera’s sensibility was eloquent rather than brash, and inquisitive rather than sardonic. Read More

Susan Howe and R. H. Quaytman

  • Susan Howe and R. H. Quaytman, Tom Tit Tot (2014)

The title of this artist’s book by poet Susan Howe and her daughter, the artist R. H. Quaytman, comes from an English variant of the folk tale Rumpelstiltskin. In this telling, a young woman saves her life and gains her freedom by guessing the name of a strange creature who has come to her aid in the impossible task of spinning fives skeins of flax a day for a month. Read More

Xylor Jane

  • Xylor Jane, Third Order Magic Square for Deep Sleep (2014)

Prints, quite simply, are affairs in numbers. Through the use of reproductive techniques, images can be released from the limitations of a solitary existence, multiplied into a series of iterations and divided as these iterations are sorted into sequenced editions. Perhaps a reprinting leads to the existence of additional copies entering circulation Read More