Christiane Baumgartner

Edition Review

  • Christiane Baumgartner, Another Country (2016)

  • Woodcut on Kozo, 55 1/2 x 70 7/8 inches. Edition of 6. Printed by the artist, Liepzig. Published by Alan Cristea Gallery, London. Edition sold out.

Another Country is the latest monumental woodcut from Christiane Baumgartner, whose engagement with the medium has endured for close to 15 years. Using video and photography, Baumgartner fixes an evanescent moment, then converts the digital image into black lines of varying thickness, producing the illusion of tonality and coherent form. Baumgartner’s lines are similar in operation to the familiar dots of half-tone screens, while also referencing the complex formulas of swelling and tapering lines used for centuries by engravers.

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