Dot Dot Dot

Edition Review

  • John Armleder, Louise Kohrman, Andrew Spence, Janine Wong, William Wood, (2015–2016)

The human brain is hard wired for pattern—early humans found pictures in the stochastic display of stars; current humans spot trends in the cacophony of cultural production. So it is that during New York Print Week, among the thousands of works of art laid out at the IPFDA Print Fair, the E/AB Fair, the Satellite Fair, the SPI Fair, as well as all the galleries and museums mounting print exhibitions, some subject or quality always seems to rise up in unexpected profusion. Last year it was birds. While animal portraits were conspicuous again this year—most dramatically in the form of David Barthold’s monumental engraving of an African Black Rhinoceros named Sababu—the subject that seemed sprinkled most liberally throughout the fairs and exhibitions was the humble dot.

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