Hanneline Røgeberg

Edition Review

  • Hanneline Røgeberg, Lede Revision (2016)

  • Drypoint.
  • Lede Revision II, VII, VIII and IX (2016)

  • Drypoint and etching series.
  • Lede Revision I, IV, VI, XII, Deluge Lede and Lead Revision (2016)

  • Drypoint, etching and monotype series. Image 18 x 24 inches each, sheet 22 x 30 inches each. Edition of 5 each, except Lede Revision, edition of 10. Printed and published by Marina Ancona, 10 Grand Press, Brooklyn, NY. $1,200.

In her art, the Norwegian-born painter Hanneline Røgeberg seeks to “visualize feeling”1 through a voluptuous vocabulary of bodies, skin and intense physical engagement. Among other strategies, she has transferred wet paint from eight-foot-tall canvas matrices onto twin receiving canvases, a task that Marina Ancona of Brooklyn’s 10 Grand Press identified as “a cumbersome printmaking choreography.”2

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