Patrick Scott: Meditations in Gold

Edition Review

  • Patrick Scott, Meditations (2007)

  • Seven carborundum prints in a boxed set, 60 x 60 cm. Edition of 50. Printed and published by Stoney Road Press, Dublin. $5250 each, $35,000 for the set.
Patrick Scott, Untitled   from the series Meditations (2007).

Patrick Scott, Untitled
from the series Meditations (2007).

The Irish artist Patrick Scott often makes use of precious metals in his non-representational paintings. Spare in design, these works tend to feature simple shapes that allow their materiality to stand out. Meditations, a boxed set of seven carborundum prints, employs a similar methodology. In these prints Scott makes extensive use of embossing with gold leaf and palladium silver. Geometric themes recur: perfectly round circles share space with sturdy little squares; in a couple prints embossed ribbing circumnavigates a centrally placed form like rays from a sun. The prints in Meditations achieve a powerful stillness and tranquil composure. They are balm for a busy mind.

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