Léon Spilliaert, detail of The Forest, Les Aveugles, Maeterlinck Théâtre, vol. 1 (1902–1903).

Léon Spilliaert in the Margins

Ed Ruscha, detail of Blue Collar Tool & Die (1992).

On Ed Ruscha’s Books, Los Angeles, and Peripatetic Flow

Thomas Rowlandson, detail of Library of the Royal Institution (1800).

Recommended Reading for the Print-Curious PART I

Jan Svenungsson, detail of cover of Making Prints And Thinking About It

Art Intelligence: Jan Svenungsson on Making and Thinking

  • Léon Spilliaert in the Margins

    Fig. 1. Léon Spilliaert, The Procession; The Wind, Pour les Amis du Poète (1902–1903). Courtesy Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp.

    The Belgian artist Léon Spilliaert (1881–1946) is best known for moody, evocative drawings that extended the introspective concerns of Symbolism into …Read more

  • On Summer Reading

    Prints and books have been wed since the beginning. The oldest surviving printed book, the Chinese Diamond Sutra created in 868 and now in the British Library, is a …Read more

  • Art Intelligence: Jan Svenungsson on Making and Thinking

    Hard to categorize, this deft book by the Swedish artist Jan Svenungsson should be read by everyone involved with contemporary prints, whether as makers or …Read more

  • Prix de Print No. 36 E Cigarettes by Mary-Ann Monforton

    Mary-Ann Monforton, E Cigarettes (2019), lithograph, 30 x 19 3/4 inches. Edition of 20. Printed and published by Derriere L’Etoile Studios, Queens, NY. $400.

    All the works submitted for the Prix de Print were carefully crafted and interesting. Some engaged not only the visual sense, but also the intellect and the …Read more