Édouard Manet, detail of Jeanne II (1893)

Manet’s One and Only Jeanne… and Guérard’s Later Plate

Stanley Whitney, Untitled (2018)

Stanley Whitney

Chitra Ganesh, detail of Sultana’s Dream: City in Broad Daylight (2018)

Chitra Ganesh

Charles Gaines, detail ofTiergarten Series 3: Tree #1, April (2018).

Charles Gaines

  • Prix de Print No. 34 The First Time, The Heart (First Pulse, 1854; First Flatline, 1870)(2019) by Dario Robleto

    Dario Robleto, First Flatline, 1870 from The First Time, the Heart (2019)

    Dario Robleto’s The First Time, The Heart responds to the 19th-century invention for visually recording the human heartbeat, Karl von Vierordt’s sphygmograph, a technology …Read more

  • Jacob Hashimoto

    Jacob Hashimoto, Chance Encounters in the Dream (Which Was, Sometimes, More Like a Nightmare) (2018)

    Exploring landscape, virtual environments and cosmology, Jacob Hashimoto is best known for installations in which he suspends hundreds of small, round kites in midair, …Read more

  • To Home and Back Again: B. Wurtz at Metro Pictures

    B. Wurtz, Untitled (Green Dot Hand Towel) (2018), photograph on polyester silk, wood, metal, staples, 17 1/2 x 17 x 3 1/2 inches. Edition of 3. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York.

    The first word that came to mind entering Bill Wurtz’s fall exhibition “Domestic Space” was scale. The entry gallery was strikingly empty, a quality exaggerated by …Read more

  • Dasha Shishkin

    Dasha Shishkin, He in His London Tailoring, She, Bare as a Lamb Chop (2018).

    Supposedly, the best visual art is as strong conceptually as it is thrilling visually. And in good conceptualism, the title of a work usually retains a tautological semantic …Read more