Dominique Himmelsbach de Vries, detail of A Paper Monument for the Paperless, installation opposite the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Eye to Eye in 2018

Chitra Ganesh, detail of Sultana’s Dream: City in Broad Daylight (2018)

Chitra Ganesh

Stanley Whitney, Untitled (2018)

Stanley Whitney

Charles Gaines, detail ofTiergarten Series 3: Tree #1, April (2018).

Charles Gaines

  • Amie Cunat

    Amie Cunat, Rug (2018)

    Amie Cunat’s screenprint Rug follows her recent installations in re-envisioning the visual traditions of the Shakers, and in its meditation on history and handcraft. …Read more

  • Terry Winters

    Terry Winters, Red Stone (2018–2019)

    Two thousand eighteen was a busy year for Terry Winters. In addition to his retrospective at the Drawing Center and a concurrent exhibition of new paintings at Matthew Marks …Read more

  • Analia Saban

    Analia Saban, Pressed Paint (Cadmium Red) (2017)

    Four editions of unique works: Acrylic paint pressed in linen, approximately 34 x 27 inches (86.36 x 68.58 cm) each (dimensions variable). Editions of 26. Printed and …Read more

  • Sean Scully

    Sean Scully, Ghost (2018).

    In his new print, Ghost, Sean Scully takes on the culture of guns in America, recasting the stars and stripes …Read more