William Hogarth, detail of A Midnight Modern Conversation (1732).

Hogarth’s Midnight Modern Conversation

Dan Wood, detail of Emanuel 9 (2017).

Prix de Print No. 26: Emanuel 9 (2017) by Dan Wood

Allen Saalburg, detail of Martini (ca. 1979).

When the Delay is the Gratification: Allen Saalburg

  • Art in Art in Print No. 7: Kate McCrickard, Drinkers (2017)

    Kate McCrickard, Barflies from Drinkers (2017), oil paint on Japanese paper with frottage, traced monotype and painted monotype, 38 x 33 cm. Unique image. Printed by the artist, Paris.

    Art in Art in Print is an irregular, ongoing series of projects in which artists create art within the journal—not a piece of art that exists somewhere else and is reproduced in the journal, but a project designed specifically for the material, technological and social context of Art in Print. …Read more

  • A Lone Star Bonanza

    It rained mackerel.
    It rained trout.
    —Tom Waits (1992)

    This five-and-three-quarter-pound tome celebrates a quarter-century (1989–2014) of the persistence and imagination of native Texans …Read more

  • Plastered: Soviet Prohibition Posters

    The catalysts behind this volume, Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell, are the proprietors of FUEL, a London-based design and publishing company that has brought out a series of books on Russian design and public culture …Read more

  • Through the Wine Glass: Whistler and the Hour of the Little Cocktail

    James McNeill Whistler, The Wine Glass (1858), etching, second state of two (Glasgow), image 8.2 × 5.5 cm, sheet 22 × 13.7 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1917.

    James McNeill Whistler’s tiny study of an empty wine glass—perhaps a champagne coupe—on a footed silver tray (G.38) is the only still life among the more than 490 etchings in his oeuvre …Read more