Massimo Danielis and Goethe’s Fountain

Massimo Danielis, Double Page Goethe from the series Aghe (Water) (2012), lithograph, 47.5 x 36 cm. Edition of 20. Courtesy the artist.

Massimo Danielis was born in Neuss, Germany, studied art in Seville, Nuremberg and Munich, and has been a painter and printmaker since 1993. Well-read in several languages and cultures, he has works in a number of public collections in Western Europe and is a familiar figure at several art fairs, where his abstract prints in various techniques, often in sets of three and a variety of colors, find admirers for their sheer beauty and precision of execution. In his paintings he uses overlapping layers of colored impasto, excavated into fields of small cells, that reveal the landscape of the underlying pigments: the apparently flat surface is in fact three-dimensional. I have one of these paintings myself and am learning how to read it.

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