On the Edge of Visibility

Visual art is meant to be looked at. And yet, for centuries artists have made work that is strategically and literally hard to see: too small, too dark or too intricate to make easy friends with the human retina. Such art is difficult to show and even more difficult to reproduce, so this fall Art in Print is partnering with International Print Center New York (IPCNY) to produce both an issue and an exhibition, “Edge of Visibility,” on view 4 October – 19 December 2018. (For details and public programming, visit ipcny.org/visibility.) This issue of the journal is a catalogue of sorts, with an annotated guide to the exhibition as well as essays and interviews that shed light on the works on view.

Viewing is at the heart of this exercise—what it means to see, physically, metaphysically, socially and politically. Like all good art, these works carry multiple avenues of thought that overlap and intersect in myriad ways, but among them distinct motivations can be discerned.

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