Paul Coldwell: Temporarily Accessioned

Paul Coldwell, Temporarily Accessioned (2016), inkjet print, 115 x 152 cm. Image courtesy the artist.

On October 2016, a new exhibition opened at the Freud Museum in Vienna: “Setting Memory: Bettina von Zwehl & Paul Coldwell.” I was immediately struck by Paul Coldwell’s print Temporarily Accessioned (2016). A life-sized image of a coat, collaged from 14 X-rays, it was displayed on the eastern wall of Freud’s former private flat in Berggasse 19. The print was of a size and hung at a height that I could see my reflection in the glass of the frame as if I were wearing the coat. It had an intriguing beauty—the delicate and translucent shape of the crinkles, the metal ticks to close the collar, the long sleeves, the pockets that seemed to indicate something inside, the buttons and little pieces of radio-opaque material inside the medial corners of the coat’s lower hemline.

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