Andrew Saluti is the Assistant Director of the Syracuse University Art Galleries and is a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Museum Studies. His curatorial focus is the art of the print. [November 2014]

Defenders of the Floating World

Jed Henry, Rickshaw Cart (2011), color woodblock print, 9 x 7 inches. Mokuhankan Woodblock Prints, Tokyo. Courtesy of the artist.

The small woodblock print Rickshaw Cart (2011) might at first glance be mistaken for a fresh reissue of a 19th-century Ukiyo-e pictorial melodrama, given its strong diagonal composition, tipped-up perspective, eloquent black outline and luminous blocks of color, not to mention the grimacing hero and fantastic demon in their racing rickshaws. On closer view, however, the mustachioed figure looks eerily like the videogame plumber-turned-hero Mario Read More