Carlos Navarrete is a visual artist and art critic based in Santiago, Chile. His work has been included in the São Paulo Biennale (2008) and the Poly-Graphic Triennial in San Juan, Puerto Rico (2009). He has written regularly for magazines and catalogues since 1990. [November 2014]

Everyday and Popular Imagery in the Prints of Lorena Villablanca

Lorena Villablanca, Las Conquistadoras (1995), woodcut, 70 x 70 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Stories are voices, fragments of life experiences that are reflected in these accounts.

—Álvaro Bisama

The woodcuts of Lorena Villablanca are intuitive, yet unified by certain technical and narrative principles. These have provided a scaffold for the overlapping thematic cycles and visual narratives of her artistic trajectory. Read More