Thomas Cvikota is a publisher, writer, curator and dealer; whose interest in prints and multiples began in 1968. Since his first visit to the Print Study Room at the Art Institute of Chicago he has continued a personal and professional involvement with all things printed and editioned. Contemporary art in print has been his focus. However, the long history and evolution of printing and prints is still making an impression on him today.

No. 17: Metamorphosis music notation by Annesas Appel

Annesas Appel, Metamorphosis music notation (2015), detail of hand-perforated color piezoprint, each stroke 225 x 7 cm. Photo: G.J. Van Rooij. Image courtesy Johan Deumens Gallery, Amsterdam.

In this iteration of the Prix de Print I was presented with a very strong group of works to consider. As I am an active participant in the world of print, it was inevitable that I would recognize many of the submissions and thus find myself struggling to remain impartial Read More