Daniel Hewson is a curator, writer and artist from Cape Town, South Africa, with a particular focus on printmaking. He recently completed a curatorial residency at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt where he worked on the exhibition, "A Labour of Love."

The View from District Six

Lionel Davis, Mosque District Six (ca. 1980s), linocut, 65 x 46.5cm. Image courtesy the Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt.

South Africa’s strong history of printmaking has involved many centers of print production. Under Apartheid, organizations such as the Evangelical Lutheran Center’s Rorke’s Drift (1962–1982) in present day KwaZulu-Natal and the Community Arts Project (1975–2008) in Cape Town provided vital opportunities for artists of color who were often denied access to educational and professional situations Read More

Love and Labor Under Apartheid: An Interview with Yvette Mutumba

John Muafangejo, S.A. Reserve Bank or Jealousy man wants to kill a rich man for South African money because he carries much money (1981), linocut, 61 x 42.5 cm. Edition of 100. Photo: Wolfgang Günzel, 2015. Collection Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

"A Labour of Love” at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt features prints from the 1970s and 1980s by black artists in South Africa. Read More