Ellen Heck is a printmaker working in Berkeley, California. She studied philosophy at Brown University and painting and printmaking at SAIC. She is currently an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute.

Stella Ebner

Through the seating area of a vacant and darkened Japanese restaurant, two figures can be seen in an illuminated doorway behind a semitransparent curtain, one massaging the shoulders of the other. One of Stella Ebner's poignant odes to the beauty of everyday life, this poster-sized screenprint, like many of the artist's prints, uses frames within frames Read More

Kouseki Ono

Kouseki Ono's screenprints, textured rectangles of changing color, were presented like specimens on pedestals at Kala gallery in Berkeley, California during last spring’s SGCI conference. Rubbery mats of closely packed quarter-inch projections created by the selective buildup of 100 layers of dots in varying colors Read More