Eric Avery is an artist/printmaker and a physician/psychiatrist who for forty years has explored the liminal space between visual art and medicine. His social content prints explore human rights abuses and social responses to disease, death, sexuality and the body. His art medicine projects in art museums and galleries have demonstrated how art can save lives. His work is in numerous collections. He lives with his partner in New Hope, Pennsylvania. His work is online at

Art in Art in Print No. 6: Eric Avery, Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016

Eric Avery, Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016 (2016), printed journal page, double-sided, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches. Edition unlimited. Published by Art in Print. Image by Todd Mason.

Art in Art in Print is an irregular, ongoing series of projects in which artists create art within the journal—not a piece of art that exists somewhere else and is reproduced in the journal, but a project designed specifically for the material, technological and social context of Art in Print. We are pleased to present Eric Avery's Print Life: Neurogenesis 2016 as the sixth of these projects. Read More