Isabella Kendrick is the Managing Editor of Art in Print. She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Melissa Brown

One lucky player of five will take all in this high-stakes art wager, a conceptual book conceived by artist Melissa Brown and Corina Reynolds of Small Editions. They describe it as “a performance about acquisitions, permanent collections, fake collections, new collectors and randomness,” Read More

Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ichárhuta (2017). ©Abraham Cruzvillegas, 2017.

Abraham Cruzvillegas is a sculptor best known for his vast, improvised installations, called autoconstrucciónes, made of objects salvaged from urban life—rebar, distressed wood, old bicycles, discarded clothing, rusted shopping carts, found paper Read More

Tara Donovan

In Tara Donovan’s magical sculptures and installations, commonplace things—pins, buttons, toothpicks,—are transformed into mysterious monuments through the simple expedient of massive numbers Read More

Leonardo Drew

Leonardo Drew’s massive bas-reliefs and installations are raw, abstracted, pseudo-geometric objects that envelop the viewer in an entropic world devoid of signifiers or content. They appear to be made of found objects Read More

Tom Huck

Tom Huck, Electric Baloneyland (2017).

For over 20 years, Tom Huck (a.k.a. Tom Hück) has been “hitting people over the head” with X-rated sociopolitical commentary that combines brash content, technical virtuosity and layered references to the history of prints Read More

David Huffman

David Huffman, Somatic (2017)

As a painter, David Huffman is known for mixing nostalgic sci-fi motifs (astronauts, UFOs, rocket ships) with everyday bits of racially inflected American life (brown faces beneath the space helmets, churches, police cars flashing their lights) Read More

Mark Klett

Mark Klett, Saguaro Diptych: 5 16–1 and 5 16–4 (2016).

Mark Klett is an Arizona-based photographer whose work revolves around two concerns: the American landscape and the passage of time. His ravishing photographs of the desert are as likely to include rusted unexploded ordnance as a glittering night sky Read More

Sophy Naess

Sophy Naess, The zinc ornament dealer’s latest thermometer (I) (2017).

Sophy Naess creates playful and radiant works inspired by sources ranging from Greek myths to vintage looms, to the labels of Dr. Bronner’s pungent and morally uplifting soaps. Read More