Lenore Metrick-Chen is an art and cultural historian at Drake University. She explores visual art as a language of communication, resistance and memory. Her book Collecting Objects / Excluding People: Chinese Subjects and American Visual Culture, 1830-1900 (2012, SUNY Press) looks at the effect of the United States Exclusion laws on perceptions of Chinese people and Chinese objects in 19th-century America. [May 2015]

The Third Way: An Interview with Michael Miller

Michael Miller. Photo: Kathleen King.

The politically inflected prints of the late Michael Miller (1938-2014) defy easy classification. In two and three dimensions, they combine lament, diatribe and accusation, all enveloped in humor. Similar to the prints of his 19th-century predecessor Jean-Jacques Grandville, Miller created hybrid human-animal characters to critique white-collar types Read More