Michael F. Marmor is Professor of Ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine. The author of many scientific papers and books, he is has also written pioneering studies on the role of vision and eye disease in art and created visual simulations to demonstrate the effects of visual loss on art, including the late works of Monet and Degas. His latest book on art is The Artist’s Eyes (2009).

The Ocular Vision and Aesthetic Visions of Peter Milton

Peter Milton, Interiors VII: The Train from Munich (1991), resist-ground etching and engraving, image 51 x 91 cm. Edition of 175. Printed by Robert Townsend, Georgetown, MA. Image courtesy the artist.

Vision is an inherent component of visual art, and a tool for artists as much as pigment, engraving implements or canvas. It serves to recognize a subject, create work with detail or color, refine work in progress and judge a finished product Read More