Screenprint 2014

Daniel MacAdam, Hot Water Music (2013), seven-color screenprint poster, 17 1/2 x 23 inches. Edition of 170. Printed and published by Crosshair Silkscreen Printing, Chicago.

Everything depends on perspective. Guido Lengwiler’s new book on the history of screenprinting (reviewed in this issue) carries the subtitle, “How an Art Evolved into an Industry.” Richard S. Field’s 1971–72 exhibition on the history of screenprints might well have been subtitled, “How an Industry Evolved into Art.” Since its inception, screenprint has been both a pragmatic instrument of commercial design and a folksy, artisanal craft. Read More

Hartt, Cordova, Barrow: Three From Threewalls

David Hartt, Courier (2013).

Like a growing number of arts organizations, Chicago nonprofit Threewalls has begun publishing editions and multiples using a community-supported art (CSA) model. Inspired by community-supported agriculture programs, a number of CSA programs have formed across the United States in the hope of strengthening relationships between local artists and collectors. Read More