Michael Phillips has taught English literature at Oxford University, University College London, Edinburgh University and the University of York. A member of the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop for more than 30 years, he has curated exhibitions on the work of William Blake for Tate Britain (2000), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2001), the Petit Palais (2009) and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (2014–15).

Blake Re-created

William Blake, Title page from Songs of Innocence (1789), relief-etching printed in sepia by Michael Phillips in 2017 on English hand-made wove paper by W. S. Hodgkinson and Co., ca. 1927, 119 x 75 mm.

In 1788 William Blake (1757–1827) invented a revolutionary method of printing word and image together simultaneously, which he called “Illuminated Printing.” Read More