Rowan Bain is Assistant Curator of Prints at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. [March 2014]

Ester Hernandez: Sun Mad

Ester Hernandez, Sun Mad (1982), screenprint, 26 x 20 inches. Edition of 53 (second edition). Printed by Ester Hernandez, San Francisco. ©Ester Hernandez.

A first-generation Chicana, Ester Hernandez is a key figure in the Chicano civil rights art movement that emerged in America in the late 1960s. Her most famous image, the screenprinted poster Sun Mad, was first created in 1981 and expresses her anger at the human and environmental cost of pesticide use in commercial grape growing in California. A second edition of the screenprint, printed in 1982, has recently been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum and will feature in the forthcoming exhibition “A World to Win: Posters of Revolution and Protest.” Read More