Ruth Pelzer-Montada is an artist and lecturer in visual culture at Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh. She has exhibited in Scotland and abroad, and her essays on contemporary printmaking have appeared in publications such as Art Journal and Visual Culture, as well as the IMPACT International Printmaking Conference Proceedings (2011 and 2013). She has also written numerous catalogue essays, most recently on Korean print artist Jimin Lee. [May 2015]

Thomas Kilpper in Edinburgh

Thomas Kilpper, installation view of The Politics of Heritage vs, The Heritage of Politics (2019). Photo: James Boyer Smith.

The German artist Thomas Kilpper has established an international reputation through spectacular site-specific (or “site-related,” Read More

Knowing One’s Place: Jane Hyslop’s Entangled Gardens

Jane Hyslop, Drawing V from The Gardens (2014-15), folio of drawings, drawings: gouache and pencil, 56.5 x 38cm, folio, board bound in linen and paper: 58.5 x 39.5 x 3.5cm.

In Ersilia, to establish the relationships that sustain the city’s life, the inhabitants stretch strings from the corners of the houses, white or black or gray or black-white according to whether they mark a relationship of blood, of trade, authority, agency. Read More