Stephen Coppel is Curator of the Modern Collection in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum. His publications include Linocuts of the Machine Age: Claude Flight and the Grosvenor School (1995), Imaging Ulysses: Richard Hamilton’s Illustrations to James Joyce (2002), The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock (2008), Out of Australia: Prints and Drawings from Sidney Nolan to Rover Thomas (2011) and Picasso Prints: The Vollard Suite (2012). He is presently working on an exhibition and catalogue of American prints from 1960 to the present.   

Behind Barbed Wire: Printmaking in Australian Internment Camps

Fig. 1. Erwin Fabian, Internees outside their huts, Internment camp, Hay, New South Wales (22 April 1941), watercolor on paper, 37.2 x 48.0 cm. British Museum, London. Presented by the artist. 2005,1031.14. ©Trustees of the British Museum. Reproduced by permission of the artist.

"In Hay, after the general parade and a morning inspection by the military, I put up a board between the bunk and the window, and must have managed to get an old window, or some window glass, and some printing ink used in the office for duplicating. I spread the stuff with a bunched up piece of cotton on glass or on the smooth part of masonite for my monotypes.” Read More