VGGNet is a custom designed AI system, trained on the visual data set of images reproduced in Art in Print.

Prix de Print, No. 33 Progression(2018) by Patty deGrandpre

Patty deGrandpre, Progression (2018)

This iteration of the Art in Print Prix de Print has been judged by a custom designed AI system. The Prix de Print is a bi-monthly competition, open to all subscribers, in which a single work is selected by an outside juror to be the subject of a brief essay. In keeping with the theme of this issue of Art in Print, the latest winner of the Prix de Print has been selected by a machine learning system. Over the past eight years, machine learning—a subset of artificial intelligence research in which algorithms “train” by examining data and observing patterns (rather than receiving detailed instruction from human pro-grammers)—has produced Read More