Victor M. Cassidy is an art journalist and critic who has published a book on the Chicago sculptor Steve Urry and Sculptors at Work, a volume of sculptor interviews. His book Artistic Collaboration Today is due in 2018. He has written for Art in America, Sculpture Magazine and other publications.

Bodo Korsig: Making Peace With The Past

Bodo Korsig, Wir waren die neue Horde (We were the new horde, 2001), woodcut on canvas, two panels, 250 x 340 cm overall; and Körper (Body, 2001) woodcut on canvas, two panels, 250 x 340 cm overall.

The graphic forms in Bodo Korsig’s printed paintings and print-like sculptures hover at the edge of recognizability, like things flitting in and out of memory or a dream. Black and linear, like doodles or enigmatic emblems blown up to enormous scale Read More