No. 36 E Cigarettes by Mary-Ann Monforton

Mary-Ann Monforton, E Cigarettes (2019), lithograph, 30 x 19 3/4 inches. Edition of 20. Printed and published by Derriere L’Etoile Studios, Queens, NY. $400.

All the works submitted for the Prix de Print were carefully crafted and interesting. Some engaged not only the visual sense, but also the intellect and the Read More

Prix de Print, No. 33 Progression(2018) by Patty deGrandpre

Patty deGrandpre, Progression (2018)

This iteration of the Art in Print Prix de Print has been judged by a custom designed AI system. The Prix de Print is a bi-monthly competition, open to all subscribers, in which a single work is selected by an outside juror to be the subject of a brief essay. In keeping with the theme of this issue of Art in Print, the latest winner of the Prix de Print has been selected by a machine learning system. Over the past eight years, machine learning—a subset of artificial intelligence research in which algorithms “train” by examining data and observing patterns (rather than receiving detailed instruction from human pro-grammers)—has produced Read More

No. 31: Tracking by Barbara M. Duval

Barbara Duval, detail of Tracking (2018).

Tracking, by American printmaker Barbara M. Duval, is a large, ambitious woodcut. It shows a group of anony-mous figures walking away from the viewer, toward a luminous focal point in the center of the image. Seen from the back, these figures appear Read More

No. 30: An Archive of Rememory by Emma Nishimura

Emma Nishimura, An Archive of Rememory: Kay age 17, Japan 1937 (2017), photo-etching on flax and abaca, 3 x 3 x 2 1/2 inches.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction as a master printer than a neat stack of finished prints. I enjoy resting my hand on the dense pile of ink and paper, understanding the work it took to produce that edition, and knowing the joy of accomplishment Read More

No. 29: divining by Kelsey Stephenson

Kelsey Stephenson, detail from divining (2016).

Heraclitean notions of flow and flux permeate Kelsey Stephenson’s monumental print installation, divining. The viewer enters a space made up of three modulated walls comprising individual sheets of Japanese paper Read More