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A Study in Light: New Prints by Chris Ofili

  • Chris Ofili, Othello (2018)

  • Lochs (2018 )

Chris Ofili, Loch Lomond (2018), etching, 14 7/8 x 11 1/4 inches. Edition of 20. From a suite of 10 with title page and colophon in a portfolio box. Courtesy of the artist and Two Palms.

Although most of the works on view in Chris Ofili’s recent exhibition at David Zwirner’s Upper East Side gallery were bright and glittering allusions to the Homeric sea Read More

Darren Almond

  • Darren Almond, Amalfi Sketchbook (2018)

  • Refractive Index I–IV (2018 )

  • Refractive Index V (2018)

  • Foci I–IV (2018 )

Darren Almond, #1 from Amalfi Sketchbook (2018)

Darren Almond’s first prints with Crown Point Press were a revelation of what photogravure could be, not just for viewers, but for the artist: “There’s a different energy Read More

Lisa Anne Auerbach

  • Lisa Anne Auerbach, Snowflake (2018 )

  • Ten Truths Self Evident (2018 )

Lisa Anne Auerbach, Snowflake (2018)

In Ten Truths(2018), Lisa Anne Auerbach spells out America’s current political dismay. Strung on a line, like prayer flags or Fourth of July bunting, the ten prints Read More

Sarah Ball

  • Sarah Ball, Untitled (2018)

  • Untitled (2018 )

Sarah Ball, one of six from Untitled (2018)

In the context of the contemporary art work, Sarah Ball has made a number of unfashionable choices: she lives and works in the country (near Penzance in Cornwall); her Read More

Sandow Birk

  • Sandow Birk, The Horrible & Terrible Deeds & Words of the Very Renowned Trumpagruel (2017)

  • Proposal for a Monument to the Declaration of Independence (and a Pavilion to Frederick Douglass) from the ongoing series Imaginary Monuments (2018 )

  • Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet, American Procession (2017 )

Sandow Birk, Proposal for a Monument to the Declaration of Independence (and a Pavilion to Frederick Douglass) (2018)

Sandow Birk has generated a striking body of political satire over the past 20 years, presenting sharp commentaries Read More

Victoria Burge

  • Victoria Burge, Nets I–VII (2018)

Victoria Burge, Nets II (2018)

A net can divide, entangle, capture or protect. It may be loosely woven and porous, or dense and secure. It can hold Read More

Amie Cunat

  • Amie Cunat, Rug (2018)

Amie Cunat, Rug (2018)

Amie Cunat’s screenprint Rug follows her recent installations in re-envisioning the visual traditions of the Shakers, and in its meditation on history and handcraft. Read More

Alex Dodge

  • Alex Dodge, Twilight in the Moon Room (2018)

  • Dream Eater (2018)

  • Fear Not a Brooding Sky, but a Clouded Mind (2018)

Alex Dodge, Dream Eater (2018

Consistently pushing the boundaries of printmaking, Alex Dodge’s work often elicits a “how did he do that?” followed by an in-depth explanation of their creation and the Read More

Teresita Fernández

  • Teresita Fernández , Burned Landscape (Puerto Rico) (2018 )

Teresita Fernández, Burned Landscape (Puerto Rico) (2018).

In 2016 Teresita Fernández opened an exhibition at Anthony Meier Fine Arts in San Francisco titled “Small American Fires”—an allusion Read More

Charles Gaines

  • Charles Gaines, Tiergarten Series 3: Tree #1, April (2018)

  • Tiergarten Series 3: Tree #2, May (2018 )

  • Tiergarten Series 3: Tree #4, July (2018)

  • Tiergarten Series 3: Tree #6, September (2018 )

Charles Gaines, Tiergarten Series 3: Tree #6, September (2018)

To label the works that Charles Gaines recently produced with Paulson Fontaine Press “prints” is accurate (they are indeed printed) but also misleading. More than a meter tall Read More

Chitra Ganesh

  • Chitra Ganesh , Sultana’s Dream (2018-2019)

Chitra Ganesh, Sultana’s Dream: City in Broad Daylight (2018)

In Sultana’s Dream, her second suite of prints with Durham Press, Chitra Ganesh has brought to life an eponymous short story by Rokeya Sakhhawat Hossain, Read More

Jacob Hashimoto

  • Jacob Hashimoto, Oft Misremembered Birthrights, Pasts and Pretty Stories of Dissatisfied Lives and Mischief (2018)

  • Chance Encounters in the Dream (Which Was, Sometimes, More Like a Nightmare) (2018 )

Jacob Hashimoto, Chance Encounters in the Dream (Which Was, Sometimes, More Like a Nightmare) (2018)

Exploring landscape, virtual environments and cosmology, Jacob Hashimoto is best known for installations in which he suspends hundreds of small, round kites in midair, Read More

Jasper Johns

  • Jasper Johns , Untitled (2018)

Jasper Johns, Untitled (2018), ©Jasper Johns and U.L.A.E. / VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

At 88, Jasper Johns has made a large new intaglio that looks at death and does not flinch. The central, skull-headed, shadow-like figure wears an undersized hat, and holds a Read More

Rashid Johnson

  • Rashid Johnson , Untitled Anxious Crowd (2018)

  • Untitled Anxious Man (2018 )

  • Run (2018)

Rashid Johnson, Untitled Anxious Crowd (2018)

Rashid Johnson works in a wide variety of eclectic formats—giant shelving structures on which he arranges retro paraphrases of his Afrocentric upbringing in Chicago; Read More

Ikeda Manabu

  • Ikeda Manabu , Climbers (2018 )

  • White Horse (2018 )

Ikeda Manabu, Climbers (2018)

The spectacular full-color pen-and-ink drawings of Ikeda Manabu are known to American audiences mainly through one 2014 group show at the Japan Society in New York, and Read More

Vanessa Marsh

  • Vanessa Marsh , Everywhere All at Once, Landscape #21 (2014)

  • Everywhere All at Once, Landscape #22 (2014)

  • Everywhere All at Once, Landscape #29 (2014 )

Vanessa Marsh, Everywhere All at Once, Landscape #22 (2014)

The easy ubiquity of digital printing has caused disgruntlement and frustration in the print world, with the most complaints zeroing in on the qualities of digital Read More

Vera Molnar

  • Vera Molnar , Sainte-Victoire Interchangables: Orange & Bleu (2017)

  • Sainte-Victoire Interchangables: Noir & Blanc (2017)

  • Sainte-Victoire Border Line (2018)

  • Sainte-Victoire On-Line (2018)

Vera Molnar, Sainte-Victoire Interchangables: Noir & Blanc (2017)

Vera Molnar, Sainte-Victoire Interchangables: Orange & Bleu (2017)

Its prominent presence in the paintings Paul Cézanne has made the shape of Mont Sainte-Victoire familiar to generations of museum goers and art history students Read More

Analia Saban

  • Analia Saban, Pressed Paint (Cadmium Red), Pressed Paint (Mars Black), Pressed Paint (Middle Gray), Pressed Paint (Ultramarine Blue) (2017)

Analia Saban, Pressed Paint (Cadmium Red) (2017)

Four editions of unique works: Acrylic paint pressed in linen, approximately 34 x 27 inches (86.36 x 68.58 cm) each (dimensions variable). Editions of 26. Printed and Read More

Jackie Saccoccio

  • Jackie Saccoccio , Vessel (2018)

  • Untitled (2018 )

Jackie Saccoccio, Untitled (2018).

Some of Jackie Saccoccio’s canvases support up to 50 layers of paint. She has investigated myriad manners of applying paint to canvas, sometimes mixing mica into pigment Read More

Dana Schutz

  • Dana Schutz , Weeper; Beat Out The Sun; To Have a Head; Pointer; Museum Type; Woman and Dog; Bad Timing; Trouble and Appearance; Pan; The Wanderer (2018)

Dana Schutz, Woman And Dog (2018)

In Dana Schutz’s new suite of etchings, ten figures glare, plead and stare out from disparate worlds. With her first foray into printmaking, the acclaimed painter exploits Read More