Amie Cunat

Edition Review

  • Amie Cunat, Rug (2018)

  • Twelve-color screenprint, 22 x 24 inches. Edition of 20. . Printed by Elizabeth Corkery, Sacramento, CA. Published by Print Club Ltd., Sacramento, CA. . $470..

Amie Cunat, Rug (2018)

Amie Cunat’s screenprint Rug follows her recent installations in re-envisioning the visual traditions of the Shakers, and in its meditation on history and handcraft. The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, as the Shakers are officially known, have an outsized legacy in the world of design. The style of their simple but finely structured architecture, furniture and crafts, which reflected the sect’s understanding of plain living and hard work as spiritual necessities, has become one of the most recognizable in American history. Cunat was drawn not only to Shaker aesthetics but also to the community’s commitment, from the 18th century onward, to pacifism and gender equality. While the contemporary view of millenarian Protestant sects often tends toward the dystopic, Cunat found the Shaker goal of social cohesion compelling.

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