Analia Saban

Edition Review

  • Analia Saban, Three Stripe Hand Towel (with Stain) (2014)

  • Mixografía® print on handmade paper with hand-staining by the artist, 28 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches. Variable edition of 18. Printed and published by Mixografia, Los Angeles. $2,600.

The Mixografia workshop’s method of making dimensional prints has resulted in a wide variety of engaging editions, many of which are close facsimiles of objects. As the shop explains, “any solid material or combination of materials” can be used as the matrix for the cast copper mold to which paper pulp and sometimes ink is applied. Dario Escobar’s Untitled (2013) is a detailed replica of a cut-apart basketball and Ed Ruscha’s new Rusty Signs [see review this issue] are difficult to differentiate from the real things, but Analia Saban’s Three Stripe Hand Towel (with Stain) may be the most quixotic yet: a white paper impression of a very standard bathroom article with a small discoloration.

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