Beryl Korot

Edition Review

  • Beryl Korot, Curves I, Curves II and Curves III (2016)

  • Digital embroidery and inkjet prints, 18 x 18 inches each. Printed and published by SOLO Impression, Bronx, NY. $3,500 each.

A pioneer of video art and a steadfast weaver, writer and editor since the 1970s, Beryl Korot has spent more than 40 years making works that reveal hidden commonalities between ancient and modern technologies. She reminds us that written texts, textiles and videos are all means to communicate information across time and space through discrete sequences—words and sentences; thread and yarn; electrons stored on magnetic video tape; the tiny fluorescent lights of a screen. In these three new digitally embroidered inkjet prints produced with SOLO Impression, Korot revisits motifs first used in her multimedia installation Text and Commentary (1976–77), a seminal work that epitomizes the artist’s early investigations into the structural relationship between weaving, writing and video.

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