Blank Stones and Full Slates

Exhibition Review

  • "Lucy Skaer: Random House"

  • Peter Freeman Inc., New York
  • 08 Jan 2015 - 21 Feb 2015

One of two gallery exhibitions devoted to this Glasgow-based artist in New York this winter, “Lucy Skaer: Random House” at Peter Freeman Inc. constituted a representative, if discordant, selection of her work in various media since 2013. With no pronounced thesis, the show embodied Skaer’s proclaimed practice of interrogating the roles that interpretation and human perception play in the creation of an object’s meaning. In the case of this exhibition, that perceptual process required a second or even third visit to uncover the associations among the works, all of which engage with some form of seriality. Printmaking is both a paradigm and a subject here, but Skaer’s employment of it is paradoxical; she may make a single impression or a monoprint of an image intended for mass media, as in her lithographs printed from plates of the Guardian newspaper.

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