David Salle

Edition Review

  • David Salle, Syrie, Turquoise (2014)

  • Color lithograph, 40 x 52 ½ inches (image); 42 1/4 x 54 7/8 inches (sheet). Edition of 35. Printed and published by Houston Fine Art Press. $9,000 (prepublication, subject to change).

After two decades of minimal engagement with printmaking, David Salle is completing an ambitious group of eight oversized lithographs. (Salle’s last substantial print project was High and Low in 1993 with the now-defunct Tyler Graphics). He credits Richard Newlin, the Tamarind-trained lithographer who owns Houston Fine Arts Press, with winning him over.  Newlin personally delivered materials to the artist’s doorstep and demonstrated exceptional persistence, commitment and passion for the project. Perhaps more significant, Salle was impressed by Newlin’s sensitivity to painterly concerns: “It is rare,” he says, “to meet someone with whom you can have a dialogue about the retinal and relational aspects of color—how it lands on the eye and interacts with textures and surfaces.”

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